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The Possibility Of Using Vitamins To Reduce Cholesterol

There are a variety of options when it comes to treating hyperlipidemia. Some are fortunate enough to treat this condition the natural way, by eating healthy diet and doing regular exercise. Those with severe cases of hyperlipidemia are left with no choice but to take pharmaceutical drugs to keep cholesterol levels down. Taking medication isn’t exactly a good thing, aside from the fact that chemicals are not good for the body, it also is an expensive habit. It’s a good thing that there are alternatives to standard medication, there are those who take vitamin to reduce cholesterol.

One example of vitamin to reduce cholesterol is Niacin. Also known as nicotinic acid, this vitamin is known for increasing high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels in the blood. Some people refer to HDL as “good” cholesterol because this lipoprotein sweeps away unwanted low-density lipoprotein (LDL) out of our system, preventing it from causing damage to the blood vessels. This is the reason many refer to LDL as “bad” cholesterol; aside from the fact that it increases cholesterol levels, it also is responsible for the build up of fatty lesions along the walls of our blood vessels which increases risk of cardiovascular disease.

Having fatty lesions along the blood vessel walls isn’t exactly a good thing. These lesions are referred to as plaque, and it is this plaque that has caused millions of heart attacks around the world. Decreasing the amount of plaque in our blood vessels can be done with high levels of HDL. HDL not only eliminates LDL from our system but it is also able to bring our blood vessels back to its healthy state and decrease the risk of heart attack. HDL can contribute in rehabilitating the damage brought about by LDL. Again ,this is why people who are battling hyperlipidemia should increase HDL levels by all means possible. This is another good reason why people use a certain vitamin to reduce cholesterol levels.

Not only is niacin good for lowering total cholesterol levels, it also has positive effects on the nervous and digestive systems, keeping both systems healthy. Niacin is indeed a preferable way to treat this condition since it is used as vitamin to reduce cholesterol levels and even less costly than other anti-cholesterol agents.

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