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What Can Physical Fitness Do For You?

Everyone wants to have a toned body, one that turns heads in the gym or office. While that's nice, it's important to consider and be motivated by the many other things that fitness can bring to your life. Committing to fitness is committing to health over the long term and not just for aesthetic purposes: it could even save your life! Learn what being fit can really do for you, above and beyond improving your appearance.

Tip: Most people try to reach their fitness goals by lifting weights. You really need to do only six simple exercises to maintain all your muscles.

1. Weight management. Everyone knows that keeping weight off is healthy for both the mind and the body, and few things help you to manage your weight like a regular fitness routine. It's not just about dropping pounds though, it's about keeping your whole body strong and functioning at maximum levels. Attaining your ideal weight is just one of the many benefits of keeping fit.

Tip: Try repeating the groups of muscles you work out the next day as this will assist in tissue repair. This increases blood flow to the sore muscles and speeds repair.

2. Disease prevention. Things like heart disease and high blood pressure can be staved off with regular workouts, along with a good diet and stress management tactics. As part of a healthy lifestyle, working out will decrease your risk of many diseases and health complications, such as cancer and diabetes. Just ask your doctor, who you will probably be seeing much less of once you get into a good fitness routine!

Tip: Strong thighs are important to prevent knee injuries. A torn ligament in the kneecap is a common sports injury.

3. Mood stabilizer. Studies have shown that exercise improves the production of positive brain chemicals, lifting your mood and increasing happiness. Committing to a regular fitness routine stabilizes your metabolic system and can level off hormone production, which is a major contributor to mood swings and anxiety.

Tip: Box squats are a great exercise for toning up your quads. Box squats are excellent because they give you an extra boost of power as you complete your squats.

4. Energy booster. Regular exercise increases your strength and endurance, giving you more energy to get things done in your day. Most people who are not fit find simple errands like grocery shopping or household cleaning wears them out. Not you though; being in shape means each activity takes less out of you, enabling you to do more!

Tip: Get chores done and get exercise in by working on your yard. Chances are, your yard needs some kind of work, and you could benefit from moving around.

5. Sleep regulator. Striving for fitness on a regular basis not only promotes sleep, it helps you sleep deeper, which is more beneficial to your body. You feel well-rested and ready for anything, as opposed to not wanting to get out of bed for another hour or so. Be careful not to exercise too close to bedtime though, as that can actually keep you up.

Tip: If you are having difficulty staying on track when it comes to exercising, ask a friend to help you. Having another person can help motivate you and help you avoid being lazy.

6. Improved social life. If you chose to work out at a gym or get into shape with a dance class, you're getting out and meeting new like-minded people. Also, as your efforts create a better body, you have greater self-esteem and confidence that can make it easier for you to introduce yourself to others. You carry yourself differently and tend to feel more positive when you are pleased with the way you look.

Being fit doesn't just give you great abs, it helps your heart, lungs and other primary systems as well. It improves nearly every aspect of your physical health and can even extend your life, so make the commitment to fitness for all the right reasons.

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