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What Is Defensive Driving For Teenagers?

This may sound crazy for some, but in reality, many parents are having nightmares with just the thought of finally having to let go of their kids and allow them to drive. It is worse when they have to teach them themselves. However, you need to prepare yourself because this will come eventually whether you like it or not. That is why you need to be able to explain clearly what defensive driving for teenagers is, something you cannot do if you yourself have not gone through it. So, make sure you already have ahead of time.

After you do, here are some helpful tips to follow regarding defensive driving for teenagers. These tips teach you how to go through the lessons smoothly with your kid behind the wheel.

Find out the real problem

Usually teens are taught driving lessons by their parents who were also taught by their parents so on and so forth. In the process many habits, many of them bad habits are also passed on, resulting on so many vehicular accidents during the first two years after they get their license. Because they did not take up formal lessons from an accredited driving school, not only do they lack the proper information regarding road safety, they also do not have the skills and ability to keep themselves, their passengers and other motorists on the road safe.

Be a good example

Walk the talk. If you don’t you cannot expect your children to do what you tell them to. So come to a full stop when you encounter stop signs. Never over speed. Slow down when the light is about to turn red and do not try to beat the red light. Start early on, so your children can live by example and imbibe all those good driving habits that you have.

Enroll yourself in an annual refresher course

Sometimes you get so used to the things you are doing that you think everything being done is correct. Nevertheless, when you try to go back and do things by the book, according to the law, you know that some of these habits are wrong and are not supposed to be modeled after by your child. In this case, it may be a wise idea to enroll yourself in a refresher course from time to time, ideally this is done every year. Do not be afraid to ask and discuss issues that are bothering you. Do not hesitate to raise the question for fear of them sounding silly or stupid. You don’t know when it may come in handy to save your life. When you come home discuss what you’ve learned with your kids.

Keep your cool

Early on, determine if you have the patience and the tolerance to teach your child how to drive, if not better be prepared to send them to an accredited driving school instead. It may not be easy and you may have to give the same instructions and show them some steps over and over and over again and they will still not get it. Some things that are very simple to you can be confusing and quite complicated for your children. Remember they are new to this and it will take some time before they get the hang of driving. However, stay calm and keep your cool, eventually your efforts will pay off. When you feel you are about to lose your temper, stop, cool down. Resume later when you have gathered your thoughts and pulled yourself together. So, what is defensive driving for teenagers? It is a labor of love from their parents passed on to their children.

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