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What Makes India A Wonderful Jewelry Destination?

If there is one culture in this planet that is worth its weight in gold, literally and metaphorically speaking, it is the Indian jewelry culture. The people of India have expended much energy for over 5,000 years artistically putting together jewels and precious metals to create the most exotic jewelry that man has known. For fulfilled jewelry aficionados, there is one jewelry destination that can never be stricken out of their list: India. Here, they can take delight in the masterfully crafted jewelry that adorns Indian bodies in all kinds of feasts and celebrations.

Living a Tradition

As fanciful as they look, Indian jewelry is rarely just an ornament. Traditionally, each piece of jewelry especially for the women bears a symbol. The symbolical value of the jewelry is like a metaphorical language that speaks a meaning from the wearer to everyone who views the jewelry.

This is because the Indian race finds adorning the physical body to have reflections on the human spirit. Celebrating the human body is something that they do to satisfy the longing to make their spirit revel through the embellishment of the material body. This expressed in wearing valuable jewelry especially during celebrations such as a wedding.

The intricate pieces worn especially by women are said to epitomize what are naturally beautiful and mystical. One of the amazing reasons to get to this jewelry destination is to stand witness to these mysteries.

The Unique Indian Jewelry for Women

Aside from the usual jewelry that is rendered unusual by exotic designs, other jewelry pieces are a hundred percent Indian. Their culture befittingly adorns each and every part of a woman’s body in a symbolical way in the belief that ornamentation also fulfills a propitious purpose. For this race, a bedecked woman is an embodiment of a perfect woman - beautiful, complete, natural, protected from evil, rich and spiritually profound. What are some of the unique jewelry pieces of the Indian women?

• Bindi is a small ornament placed at the center of a woman’s forehead that represents the mystical third eye that confers wisdom and knowledge. While the two eyes can only see the past and the present, the third eye makes them perceive the future too.

• Tika is a chain with a hook and a pendant that is worn in the parting of the hair. The pendant hangs about on the center of the forehead that is believed to be the “ajna” chakra. This chakra represents preservation; hence, this piece of jewelry means being the preserver of the order of the human race. Thus, it is typically gifted to a woman who is about to enter matrimony; thus it serves as a symbol of the perpetuation of the genealogy of the clan.

• Nath is the nose ring that heightens its symbolical meaning that is associated with the sixth sense and sensuality. In fact, this is regarded to be the most seductive piece of ornament that an Indian woman can adorn herself with. It may range from a simple stud on the curve of the nostril to huge hoops that almost encircle the cheeks with chic pendant hanging provocatively above the lip area.

• Bangles that are worn around the wrists are very much Indian and has been crafted from the widest variety of materials. Indian wristlets are matchless anywhere in the world. It bears symbols like matrimony with romantic and amorous connotations. Baajuband (armbands) are believed to dispel the evils while kamarband (binds the waist) is used to highlight the seductive allure of the feminine form. The latter is a quintessential complement to the Indian female garment called sari.

Traditionally, Indian women also wear intricately designed necklaces, arsi (thumb ring with mirror, anklet, and toe rings. Everything about the Indian jewelry worn by women connotes beauty for the material body as well as one’s spirit. To be bare or devoid of this jewelry is to be incomplete, vulnerable and unattractive. Thus, vanity is looked at with pride and honor. Aren’t these reasons enough to make India a wonderful jewelry destination of jewelry artists and fanatics?

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