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Where Is It Appropriate To Wear The String Bikini?

It certainly requires a degree of self confidence to wear a string bikini and in addition it is also necessary that are comfortable in wearing skimpy items which in turn means that you should have a well shaped body to ensure that you look your best in this kind of attire. Therefore, the first question that you need to ask before shopping for a string bikini is whether you have the body to wear such an item and of course if your body is long and slim then you can confidently wear this kind of bikini and know that you will look good in it.
Short And Flabby
The only person that won’t look good in a string bikini is somebody that is short and who has flab on the body for which a more conventional type of two-piece swimsuit might be more appropriate because this kind of body would lack the balance required to show off the string bikini in best light.
It is also important to observe and adhere to basic etiquette and so you need to know which beach attire is appropriate and which is not. This obviously means that you won’t need to worry about wearing a string bikini on a naturist beach though the same item would be highly inappropriate when worn at a family water park. It is therefore best to wear your string bikini at an adult’s only beach or resort where you can feel freer in showing off your body that has little to cover it except a tiny string.
Of course, even men can and do wear the string bikini and here again men need to wear such bikinis only if they have the right kinds of bodies. A man sporting a beer gut would look rather comical if they wore a string bikini and the same would be the case with a Speedo. In fact, the string bikini is also inappropriate for highly muscled men who sport triceps and have eight-rep abdomens since they would look rather grotesque sporting all their junk with little to cover them.
The string bikini would however look good on a person that has a decent body and one that too is long and quite slim. A G string bikini can prove to be very appropriate and are a development in swimsuits that owe their origins to the string bikini. It is however an item that is more risqué than a woman’s thong and it of course also contains minimal material and it resembles a string and it comes in two varieties: T string as well as the V-string.

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