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X Exercise Myths You Were Convinced Were Fact

When it comes to staying healthy, exercise has to be a part of your plan. When a few half-truths stand between you and your goals, you may end up paralyzed in your pursuit of success. This article will show you what facts you should rely on and which aren't facts at all.

Tip: A great way to get physically fit is by choosing an exercise program that firms and tones the muscles in your body and gives you lots of flexibility. Search for fitness classes in your surrounding area.

Fat actually weighs less than muscle. The fact is that muscle is very dense, so when you compare one inch of muscle to one inch of fat, the muscle will end up weighing more. You may weigh the same as you did before, but you will look smaller as that weight is packed into a smaller area. Yes, one pound of fat will weigh the same as one pound of muscle, as both are one pound, but one pound of muscle will take up less space and will cause your measurements to decrease.

Tip: Change up your exercise regimen with a broader selection of workout choices. As odd as it sounds, this will help you avoid starting a routine in your routine; thus keeping things fresh and lively, always coming back for more.

If you exercise enough, you can eat junk food all day long. Junk food doesn't just make you fat, it increases your cholesterol levels and clogs your arteries, it damages your organs including your heart due to the high sodium levels in it, and it can cause you problems with your intestines due to a lack of fiber. Eating too much junk food leads to diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even colon cancer in people who are fat or thin. You absolutely must eat properly in order to have a healthy, working system which provides you with the energy and nutrients you need to stay alive.

Tip: Walking in proper form can help protect you from injury. Draw back your shoulders and stand upright.

If you exercise at a low intensity for a long time, you'll burn the most fat. How many calories you burn per minute actually increases with your intensity, so the opposite is true. If you can work out for 30 minutes a day, and do it at high intensity, you will burn a lot of calories and your workout will be more effective. If you can't work out for 30 minutes at one time, break it up into 10 minute bouts of activity instead. As long as you get 30 minutes per day, you will find your results are good.

Tip: Check out a few different fitness classes. You might just discover a new favorite class to keep your excitement level up as you go to the gym.

If you work out in the morning without having eaten, you'll end up burning more fat. It doesn't actually matter if you have eaten or not, you will burn the same amount of fat as long as you exercise to the same intensity. That said, you will lack the energy needed to complete your workout at a high intensity, so you likely will actually burn LESS fat if you haven't taken in food in the morning. If you don't want to eat anything heavy before exercising, enjoy a high protein smoothie to ensure your energy levels don't drop.

You know that exercise is a key part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but now you also know which tips won't help you out. That leaves you ready to begin planning a routine which will benefit you greatly. For maximum results, continue reading articles like this one to learn all you can.

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