Five Good Reasons To Not Have A Pet Iguana (Viewed 1829 times)
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Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Get An Iguana As A Pet

It is important to learn more about iguanas before deciding if one of these animals would be a good pet for you. Adopting an iguana can sound like a good idea if some of your friends have them as pets. However, you need to know that taking care of an iguana is not easy.

Here is what you need to know if you are thinking about adopting a pet iguana.

1. Iguanas can be expensive.

You will have to purchase your pet iguana, which is usually not cheap. And purchasing your pet is only the first of many expenses. If you adopt an iguana, you are going to need a cage as well as items needed to properly take care of the iguana. You will for instance need to purchase a special lamp to provide your iguana with the heat it needs.

Iguanas also need some shelves so they can climb. You will have to install a timer to keep track of temperature changes. Iguana need plenty of calcium and vitamins to stay in good health, which means you will have to buy leafy green vegetables on a regular basis.

You should not consider getting an iguana as a pet if you cannot afford to properly take care of them.

2. Iguanas can be high maintenance pets.

You might think that iguanas are not high maintenance pets because they are small. However, iguanas require a lot of attention and you will have to learn how to properly handle them and care for them.

Your iguana will need a clean cage, which means you will have to clean their habitat regularly. You will also need to train your iguana so they grow up to be a well-disciplined pet.

You need to spend some time with your iguana on a daily basis to get them used to you and to train them. Taming an adult iguana is very difficult since these animals can be restless.

3. You cannot hug an iguana.

If you want a pet you can hug and cuddle with, an iguana is not the right choice. You can hold your iguana in your arms or train it to stay on your shoulder but there are some rules to follow when handling your iguana.

This is very important if your iguana is not tamed. An iguana can scratch or even bite when you touch them or pick them up, especially if they have not been properly tamed.

4. Iguanas do not get along with other pets.

Iguanas are not sociable at all with other animals, which means your pet iguana will never form a bond with your other pets. Iguanas instinctively see other animals as enemies. They will feel that your other pets are dangerous predators and will avoid them.

Besides, iguanas are usually smaller than other traditional pets. There is a risk that your iguana could be stepped on or hurt by other pets. You will probably find your iguana hiding in a dark corner if you have other pets around.

5. Iguanas do not make good pets for young children.

Your children might be asking you for an iguana. You should know that these animals do not make good pets for young children since they need to be handled and cared for in a very specific manner.

If your child is too young to follow all these rules, a dog or a cat would make a much better pet for them.

Do you still feel that an iguana would be a good pet for you now that you know more about these animals?