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I have worked in the past as a veterinarian specializing in holistic treatments for pet health. I have just retired and am now spending my time to helping pet owners find safe and holistic methods for taking care of their pet's health issues.
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Have you started to see your dog scratching and itching more than normal? Is the scratching causing open sores and disappearance of fur on your best friend? If so, this is a possible sign that your ca...
01.01.1970 · From DrJerry1Vet
Fleas are an important problem that all pet owners will have to deal with. Anybody who has a pet has most likely dealt with the unnerving job of having to rid their pet of fleas, a battle that has oft...
01.01.1970 · From DrJerry1Vet
Flea dermatitis, also known as flea allergy, is the most common sort of allergy discovered in canines and is brought on by the bite of a flea. It is the leading reason for itching in dogs, and it mere...
01.01.1970 · From DrJerry1Vet