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Make maths fun and your children will learn and perform effortlessly
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How many times do you hear children complaining when they have to learn tables – Why do I have to learn them?   This is the situation for many parents who are then at a loss to know how to answer it...
01.01.1970 · From TonyL53T
Do you say learn table or learn times tables. Which would you say is right?   Do you say to your children – “you need to learn the 4x table” or do you say “you need to learn your 4x tables”?   For...
01.01.1970 · From TonyL53T
Journalist and best selling author Malcolm Gladwell has a lesson that will help your children progress better in maths and times tables. My favorite Gladwell book is 'Outliers' which focuses on wha...
01.01.1970 · From TonyL53T
Many people are aware of the fear and anxiety that is present for many people with public speaking. Not so many will be aware of the anxiety and discomfort that hundreds and thousand of adults and chi...
01.01.1970 · From TonyL53T
If you look in books and very often on the net you will find scores of maths tricks that say they help children learn tables. I encourage things that make tables easier and fun, but sometimes these t...
01.01.1970 · From TonyL53T