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The MP4 video format has become very popular use for watching movies on PC or MP4 player, and it’s very common as most video uploading sites like YouTube, Google Video support MP4 uploads.
15.12.2011 · From bamboorebecca
WMV, acronym for Windows Media Video, is regarded as a streaming media format introduced by Microsoft in 1999. Although WMV most often refers to a container file, it typically can refer to both a container file and a video codec.
15.12.2011 · From bamboorebecca
Using videos in Panorama Maker sounds like a rather cool idea, actually, when the camcorder moves, a series of images than can be stitched to make up a scene.
08.12.2011 · From bamboorebecca
360° panorama is a 360-degree field of view or representation of a physical space, with the viewer feeling like standing in center of the virtual place and looking all around, especially in photography.
08.12.2011 · From bamboorebecca
Video editing software is broadly used to produce and improve home videos that are captured by home camcorders, or similar media devices. They featured in creating, splitting, merging, fixing, and other basic operations to movie clips.
22.11.2011 · From bamboorebecca