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Younger people often think that retiring from a career means retiring from everything else; that you can't have fun, that you can't have a social life, that you aren't interested in companionship. Hogwash! One of the fastest growing trends of today is mature dating. (...)
13.11.2015 · From LindaBrown
Teenagers have come a long way in the field of dating and relationships. There was a time when teenagers went on dates where they were chaperoned by parents. They were not allowed to date alone. (...)
12.11.2015 · From LindaBrown
Hair loss is something that is quite common and can happen to anyone, whether female or male. People usually lose about 50-100 hairs per day. Because of the amount of hair on a typical personĂ­s head, most of the time these daily losses go unnoticed. (...)
11.11.2015 · From LindaBrown
These days men do not seem to be as concerned about hair loss as in the past. In fact, a totally bald head is often seen as a fashion statement, and many men simplify their hair care routines by simply shaving their scalps. (...)
11.11.2015 · From LindaBrown
Did you know you can take precautions to reduce hair loss? Although hair loss is hereditary you can slow down the effects of baldness. Men and woman think that they have to give in to the inevitable and accept hair loss, but there are things that you can do...
11.11.2015 · From LindaBrown
Are you suffering from hair loss? It is now very easy to stop hair loss! There are a number of products available in the market that helps strengthen the hair and make the scalp a healthier one. (...)
11.11.2015 · From LindaBrown
Ah, Valentines Day, the day for lovers. That can be a very special day but only if you don't get freaked out about finding just the right valentine's day gifts for boyfriend. Every year you see t.v. (...)
11.11.2015 · From LindaBrown
Surveys say that one of the things that make people lose their confidence is hair loss. This is because many people cannot be confident in front and even around with others knowing that these people are openly staring into his or her bald spots. (...)
11.11.2015 · From LindaBrown
It is common for people to lose strands of their hair especially when it is wet or when they comb it very often. Experts say that there is a need for some strands of hair to fall so these can be replaced with a new set of hair strands. (...)
11.11.2015 · From LindaBrown
Some people are attracted to members of the opposite sex that have a significant age difference from them. They may prefer dating someone that is younger or older. This is often a matter of personal preference and there are many reasons that people choose these...
10.11.2015 · From LindaBrown
Learning how to be sweet to your girlfriend is quite simple, you just need to follow your heart. The little gestures that couples do for one another when they first start dating usually wear off after a while and before you know it, it's been months since you brought...
09.11.2015 · From LindaBrown
Space in a relationship is often a critical issue, many times making or breaking the partnership. While some people need a good deal of space, others prefer to be around their partner all the time, and do everything with him or her. (...)
08.11.2015 · From LindaBrown
Study dating, test dating, tutoring, whatever you want to call it, it may be a great way to get together with no pressure on either one of you to amuse the other. You already have the date material in front of you, your homework. (...)
08.11.2015 · From LindaBrown
(Bianca Miciano) Everyone talks about how wonderful things are when youÕre in a relationship. They sing about the beauty of love and how it feels like to be with someone you deeply care about. (...)
07.11.2015 · From LindaBrown
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