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Cruising is among the fastest growing sector of tourism. Each year a huge number of cruise ships are launched requiring thousands of workers. If you are young and want to explore the world working and traveling on cruise ships is among the best opportunities.
22.07.2015 · From TheAuthor
Holidays are supposed to be reserved for fun. Nevertheless, when you can hardly afford a travel abroad to spend a well-earned holiday, what alternative do you have? Well, you can always combine work and travel on holidays to savor the ultimate overseas adventure. (...)
26.01.2013 · From TheAuthor
When you take that airline ride, you can literally buckle up your seat and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Your adventure starts from the moment you step on the plane and start meeting people that you would not otherwise meet have you not embarked in this...
25.01.2013 · From TheAuthor
If your new business or work is about to take you to places local and abroad, you need some work and travel tips to make these a pleasant sojourn rather than a frequent stressful part of your life. (...)
17.01.2013 · From TheAuthor
How can cash-strapped students have a grand holiday abroad? It is not really such a crazy idea! If you want to explore the world and get the most out of your journeys on a tight student budget, there are smart strategies to work and travel your way around the world. (...)
07.01.2013 · From TheAuthor
Finding a job outside one’s country is an experience that is worth sacrifices. There are many possible things or rather reasons why one must never let an opportunity like this pass. Aside from the fact that a person gets to travel and have fun, there also a lot of...
03.01.2013 · From TheAuthor
How does one best appreciate the culture of a nation than by living and working there? There are many that a traveler can learn about the world. Realizing that dream, however, is not an easy thing to do. (...)
02.01.2013 · From TheAuthor
Every individual is special even in his or her own littlest way. Consequently, there is always an ideal job for every individual. A job for one may not be a profession, but it can be their passion. Everyone differs from each other. (...)
31.12.2012 · From TheAuthor
The SWAT experience is the ultimate way for students to stay in school and earn enough to help to finance their education. SWAT, in this case, refers to Student Work and Travel. Not only can they earn to stay in school, they can also get to travel. (...)
29.12.2012 · From TheAuthor
People make serious plans that concern their lives and their careers; it is not something to make a joke of or play around with. Careers are not just about jobs and money; these are also about future and stability. (...)
29.12.2012 · From TheAuthor