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There comes a point in almost any successful relationship where things calm down and cool off. There is no longer a major spark between the partners. They get comfortable in their relationship and develop a routine, no longer finding time to spend together. (...)
09.10.2015 · From LindaBrown
Most dating problems occur because either the two of you are not compatible or you are not communicating enough. Other problems may be because the two of you just are not right for each other. Communication is the most important thing when you are dating. (...)
08.10.2015 · From LindaBrown
So you’ve just joined an online dating community. Do not be discouraged when your prospect dates have not yet responded to your queries. Women members of online dating portals receive an average of fifty to 200 queries from other members of the opposite sex. (...)
07.10.2015 · From LindaBrown
If you have lost interest in your relationship depression may be the culprit. Problems in your relationship may be the cause of your depression or your depression may be the cause of problems in your relationship. (...)
07.10.2015 · From LindaBrown
Have the perfect boyfriend? Looking for the perfect boyfriend gift? Well, you don't have to look any further than right at your boyfriend. You see, gift giving doesn't have to be a hassle. It doesn't only have to be a night of sex and lingerie either. (...)
04.10.2015 · From LindaBrown
A “should I break up with my boyfriend” quiz is something a person doesn’t take unless she has doubts about the relationship. If you’re considering taking such a quiz, you might not need the quiz to tell you the answer. (...)
02.10.2015 · From LindaBrown
Perfect relationships are not just for fairy tales. You can have one if you are willing to put in the work. Yes, relationships take some work to be successful. The attraction you feel toward one another in the beginning can be a great start but a relationship cannot...
01.10.2015 · From LindaBrown
It seems that if you've been in a relationship and been dumped, you will get a lot of sympathy from others, but if you're in love with someone who doesn't love you people just don't seem to be as understanding about what you're going through. (...)
30.09.2015 · From LindaBrown
When you first start dating someone all you think about if having fun, making a good impression and getting to know the person. The last thing on your mind is the future stages of a relationship. (...)
30.09.2015 · From LindaBrown
When you meet someone new, you should always provide a gift to them. Gifts can be something as simple as a smile, compliment, handshake, or an acknowledgement. You can also provide a gift of listening to them and being observant. The smallest things can mean the most. (...)
27.09.2015 · From LindaBrown
If you are tired of being single, there is a website I would like to introduce you to. Singles 365 has thousands of members just like you who are looking for romance. Whether you are just looking for friendship or that special someone you will spend the rest of your...
25.09.2015 · From LindaBrown
If you haven’t had much chance to see how healthy, loving relationships work on a daily basis, taking some time to really study the characteristics of healthy relationships can give you a much better chance of having one yourself. (...)
23.09.2015 · From LindaBrown
We have all found ourselves in this situation at some point in our lives. We have a relationship that ends. Then, we find ourselves constantly thinking about our ex and wishing them back. Oftentimes, the reason for the breakup was due to problems that were created by...
22.09.2015 · From LindaBrown
When it comes to relationships, it seems like everyone has dating advice for women. From friends and family to a woman's ex-boyfriend or ex-husband, it would appear that just about anyone you can think of is be ready to advise the single women on how to do well on a...
21.09.2015 · From LindaBrown
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