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If you've been feeling tired for no reason, and donít enjoy things like you usually do, you could be depressed. You might have trouble sleeping at night, or get irritated over little things. Left untreated, depression tends to get worse and worse. (...)
20.10.2013 · From MikeHirst
Obviously depression is not something you should keep to yourself and the good news is that there are ways to help manage it on your own. There are actually many changes in lifestyle and daily routines that will alleviate the symptoms of depression and leave you...
20.10.2013 · From MikeHirst
It is likely that your mother told you that you are what you eat, and this could not be any more true than in the case of depression. There are some foods which exacerbate the condition, and others which make it lessen in its severity. (...)
19.10.2013 · From MikeHirst
According to, adolescent depression affects about 1 out of every 33 children, including one out of every 8 adolescent. It is normal for your child to feel feelings of sadness, and to even have times of sadness that they canít really explain the cause of. (...)
18.10.2013 · From MikeHirst
A number of factors can lead to the mental condition that is called depression. Many people confuse depression with sadness. Sadness can come from incidents in a person's life that have gone against his or her expectations. (...)
18.10.2013 · From MikeHirst
When you are stuck in the throes of depression, the easiest tasks can seem almost impossible to finish. This is not a quality way to live -- there are so many opportunities out there to have a great life that you do not want to miss. (...)
16.10.2013 · From MikeHirst
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is the fourth most burdensome disease each year. Burdensome diseases are defined as those that affect people for an extended period of time, typically for years. (...)
14.10.2013 · From MikeHirst
I guess I should start this right at the end. My boyfriend and I broke up because my depression was just too hard for him to handle. I had depressive episodes that were struggling for both me and him that played a crucial role in the destruction of our relationship...
13.10.2013 · From MikeHirst
Just about everybody feels down in the dumps now and then -- it's just a part of life. However, when your dumps extend for days or even weeks, it is time to think about the possibility that you might be depressed. (...)
12.10.2013 · From MikeHirst
If you've sought professional help for your depression, that's an excellent step towards feeling better. Consider incorporating some of the suggestions below to support your progress in overcoming depression, in addition to the professional care you receive. (...)
12.10.2013 · From MikeHirst
Activity is a great way to fight off depression. One thing is for sure, doing nothing about depression is the best way to get it to spiral out of control. If you have been feeling depressed, you should see your doctor and follow his or her advice. (...)
11.10.2013 · From MikeHirst
Suffering from depression is never fun. It can leave you feeling as if you don't even recognize yourself. You can end up sitting on the sidelines and watching your own life pass by. If you have been feeling as if it is time to take your life back, that is the first...
10.10.2013 · From MikeHirst
The brain is the most powerful organ in a human body, yet depression (like many other forms of mental illness) is still a largely stigmatized disorder. Unfortunately, it also happens to be a widespread problem, as an estimated 19 million adults in the United States...
09.10.2013 · From MikeHirst
People have such busy lives today that they tend to eat foods which aren't healthy. They focus on fats, salts and refined sugars instead of homemade meals full of fresh, natural ingredients. (...)
09.10.2013 · From MikeHirst
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