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There you were having a nice time at the party you and your spouse were attending. You were chatting with some friends and enjoying a small plate of food from the buffet table. Your spouse appears out of nowhere and says, “Look at all that food you’re eating. (...)
24.11.2012 · From LindaBrown
The old Led Zeppelin song “Communication Breakdown” says it well. “Communication breakdown, it’s always the same. Havin’ a nervous breakdown, a-drive me insane.” Well you may not be going insane, but miscommunication can cause true stress in a marriage. (...)
23.11.2012 · From LindaBrown
It can be very demoralizing for your husband or wife to be laid off from work. Most homes today rely on two incomes to make ends meet, so when one income is lost it can place a lot of stress on a marriage. (...)
21.11.2012 · From LindaBrown
A marriage may have to deal with a number of problems over the years. One of those problems is the possibility of a spouse getting sick or injured. This can place an enormous strain on a marriage depending on the severity of the medical problems. (...)
21.11.2012 · From LindaBrown
Codependency in the marriage can cause a lot of deep resentments that are not even really understood at the time. You know you feel bad about the relationship, but may not be sure of exactly what is causing the problems. (...)
21.11.2012 · From LindaBrown
Here’s a sad fact: it’s so easy for a married couple who are no longer happy with each other to consider getting a divorce. Worse, they do so without regard for the feelings of their kids (if there are any). (...)
20.11.2012 · From TheAuthor
One of the common complaints in a marriage is when the wife feels as if her husband treats her like a maid. This may not sound like a real problem since it concerns housework and household chores, but these are the kinds of aggravations that can build up until they...
19.11.2012 · From LindaBrown
In some situations the problems with the marriage are not obvious on the surface. Everything seems to be fine as the husband and wife go about their business. What you can't see is the growing pile of small hurts that are being stored like in an internal warehouse. (...)
17.11.2012 · From LindaBrown
Seeking new solutions to your marriage problems and avoiding divorce is possible in many, if not most, marriages. Many couples give up on their marriages too quickly at the first sign of problems instead of trying to work through the real issues. (...)
17.11.2012 · From LindaBrown
Talking through the marriage problems can be the step that can save a marriage. Sometimes a marriage runs into problems and they only get worse because communication stops. This is really unfortunate because when a couple stops talking, they are sure to begin...
16.11.2012 · From LindaBrown
Emotional abuse leaves no scars that other people can see. But it is just as insidious as physical abuse. Emotional abuse falls under the issue of domestic violence and abuse, because it is a means used for power and control over a spouse. (...)
11.11.2012 · From LindaBrown
Married couples who suddenly find themselves with “irreconcilable differences” decide to file for divorce as easily as they change clothes. They don’t even consider the entire process; much less, how much it’s going to cost, or how each of them can find a...
11.11.2012 · From TheAuthor
Family! You love them and want them in your life….but not all the time. When you get married you now have your own family and your spouse’s family to contend with and that can cause problems. (...)
09.11.2012 · From LindaBrown
People joke about experiencing midlife crisis, but for many it’s not funny at all. In fact, it is a serious period in life when values and purpose are questioned. This crisis is also a reaction to the feeling that time is going by way too quickly and life has...
09.11.2012 · From LindaBrown
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