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Having a properly trained dog is your responsibility as a pet owner. Having a dog is a major responsibility, and one of those responsibilities is that your dog can listen to and follow instructions. (...)
09.05.2016 · From MikeHirst
Puppies, especially when they are too young, easily get bored and they become pre-occupied with new things that catch their attention. It is useless to hold long obedience training sessions. Instead, puppy training can be integrated with the normal routine.
09.05.2016 · From TheAuthor
When you add a new puppy to your family remember that there will be a period of adjustment because having a puppy can be a little like having a new baby at home. Your new pup needs to learn how to behave and you have to meet its needs.
08.03.2016 · From Editor
Many people find that using dog training videos helps them to learn to train their dog. There's more to video training about dog training techniques than may be immediately apparent. This article discusses the benefits of such videos and explains their use.
12.06.2015 · From TheAuthor
People who have owned a dog for any length of time will tell you that dog training is vitally important if your dog is to integrate well into your household and family. Check out these dog training tips to see what you can do with your new dog right now.
12.06.2015 · From TheAuthor
Dogs have the natural desire to please their human masters. However, their inherent animal qualities inhibit them to understand the human nature. This article helps to start the process of training your dog to be truly 'man's best friend'!
15.05.2015 · From TheAuthor
The need for dog obedience training is extremely necessary to cultivate the dog’s good behaviors and habits to make them more appropriate within the domestic setting. There are two main styles of obedience training and we discuss each in the following article.
15.05.2015 · From TheAuthor
Training a pet dog must start the first moment it is brought home. Although dogs are generally clean, they can unexpectedly soil a place that is unnatural for them. Toilet training is essential as early as the master can manage since dogs relieve themselves frequently.
15.05.2015 · From TheAuthor
Training your dog to do tricks is a great way to increase the bond between man and dog. Training your dog to do tricks helps to develop his intelligence and helps stop him from being bored. This article looks at ways to help your dog to perform fun tricks.
15.05.2015 · From TheAuthor
Dogs love to chase, it excites them both physically and mentally. It’s not always about what they are chasing but the excitement. A wandering dog can create a hazardous circumstance for neighborhood occupants and for your dog.
06.03.2015 · From Anna_Purna
Finding a trustworthy way to train your dog is not easy. You don't want training that fails and wastes your time and you certainly don't want to set up bad habits. This article looks at the training offered by a professional dog trainer.
13.02.2015 · From Andrew_Facebook
Epilepsy Also known as seizures, epilepsy disorders normally occur from viral infections, and environmental factors as well. Even though an inaccessible seizure isn’t always a problem, dogs that have recurring seizures should never be bred. (...)
22.01.2014 · From MikeHirst
Hip dysplasia is a poor formation of the hip joints, which is a common growing disease with younger dogs of virtually every breed. With larger breeds, unsteady hip joints are common, although hip dysplasia can be a serious problem that will limit the physical...
22.01.2014 · From MikeHirst
Once you have decided on a breeder that you can trust, you’ll need to start thinking about what type of puppy you want. This decision could take you some time, as it can be quite a few weeks or even months before the right litter is whelped - although it will be...
18.01.2014 · From MikeHirst
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