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The bulldozer is a very powerful crawler that is equipped with a blade. The term bulldozer is often used to mean any type of heavy machinery, although the term actually refers to a tractor that is fitted with a dozer blade. (...)
04.11.2014 · From Kristen
Both of these machines are affordable, popular, highly productive, and they both have helped lay a lot of cable and pipe in the ground. While they both can do the work, there are differences as to how they perform when stacked up against each other in residential...
03.11.2014 · From Kristen
Hydraulic machinery are machines and tools that use fluid power to do the work. Almost all types of heavy equipment is a common example. With this type of equipment, hydraulic fluid is pumped to a high pressure then transmitted through the machine to various...
31.10.2014 · From Kristen
A skid steer loader with backhoe attachment or a backhoe loader in general can be very productive if it is operated safely and efficiently. The best way to get the job done safely and efficiently is to know yourself, the job site, and your equipment. (...)
27.10.2014 · From Kristen
Sometimes called a forklift truck, the forklift is a powerful industrial truck that is used to lift and transport material by steel forks that are inserted under the load. Forklifts are commonly used to move loads and equipment that is stored on pallets. (...)
23.10.2014 · From Kristen
Site prep is the best term that is used to describe the operations necessary to make raw land ready to accept improvements such as buildings, parking lots, roads, and other amenities. Once the project has been completed, the site prep is invisible. (...)
21.10.2014 · From Kristen
Drag line excavator systems are heavy machinery that is used in civil engineering, surface mining, and excavation. With civil engineering, the smaller types are used for road and port construction. (...)
21.10.2014 · From Kristen
Caterpillar Incorporated, also known as CAT is a United States based corporation that is based in Peoria, Illinois. The company commonly known as CAT is known around the world as the largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas...
15.10.2014 · From Kristen
Also referred to as a loader backhoe, the backhoe loader is an engineering and excavation vehicle that consists of a tractor, front shovel and bucket and a small backhoe in the rear end. Due to the small size and versatility, backhoe loaders are common with small...
14.10.2014 · From Kristen
The D-11 from Caterpillar is among the series of tracked type tractors are among the largest conventional bulldozers in the world, second to the Komatsu D575. It comes in two variations, the standard D-11R and the bigger and heavier D-11R CD. (...)
12.10.2014 · From Kristen
The compact hydraulic excavator can be a tracked or wheeled vehicle with an approximate operating weight of 13,300 pounds. Normally, it includes a standard backfill blade and features an independent boom swing. (...)
10.10.2014 · From Kristen
Japanese heavy equipments are just beyond compare. They are made for complete perfection, using high technology for easy operation, strong for high safety and durability. Equipments are fuel efficien...
01.01.1970 · From fujiyamaltd
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