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So, you hanker after a piece of KFC chicken but there's no KFC near to you? What to do? How to make your own Big Mac Special Sauce? Not possible? But it is, read on to learn more about how to get the fast food you need - at home!
19.08.2016 · From TheAuthor
When we think of health and fitness often we have a distant sense of dread - healthy seems to equal giving up what we enjoy. Heart health does not have to be this way. Here are 10 tips to keep your heart healthy.
10.05.2016 · From TheAuthor
What is the biggest challenge when your child decides to be a vegetarian? There are many, but the most challenging is saying “NO” to meat! This article looks at issues faced by parents of young vegetarians and gives suggestions for ways to deal with the lifestyle.
22.09.2015 · From Editor
Do you love to drink tea with milk? Did you know that milky tea was actually good for you? Well, it is and here's the proof! This article about the nutritional benefits of milk tea should persuade even the most sceptical of health food fans that milk tea is healthy.
05.06.2015 · From Suzanne
Many people enjoy drinking milk tea. Although milk tea drinking goes back to ancient times the recent explosion in demand has led to opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses providing milk tea drinks to the thirsty masses.
05.06.2015 · From Suzanne
I first drank Boba Milk Tea in China almost 20 years ago. I did not even know what I was drinking. Only a short time ago I discovered Boba or bubble milk tea was what I enjoyed in Shanghai. Here is a recipe to make that delicious and refreshing drink.
05.06.2015 · From Suzanne
Many people think that tea with milk (milk tea) is just for those English! But no, milk tea is an addictive way to drink tea that many people around the world are discovering as an alternative to coffee or even other forms of tea drinking. Enjoy these milk tea recipes!
05.06.2015 · From Suzanne
If you want to take on the challenge of making your first sushi then Go For It! In this article we introduce you to the concepts of sushi preparation. If you follow out brief guide carefully then your guests will never know that this was your first time making sushi!
05.06.2015 · From Suzanne
Sushi rice is thought to be hard to prepare. This is not true; the same rice is used as the basis for all types of sushi and sushi rice can be made even in an ordinary home kitchen. This article describes, step by step, how to prepare sushi rice.
05.06.2015 · From Suzanne
Some foods are unbelievably low on calories while still having good nutritional value. Apart from their low calorie content and high food value, however, they also happen to taste delicious. Every diet conscious person should keep these low calorie foods handy. (...)
27.06.2013 · From TheAuthor
There is revolutionary news for diabetics today! A study conducted in the UK has shown that people who have had obesity-related type 2 diabetes for years have temporarily kept their blood sugar levels at normal levels by keeping to an extreme, low-calorie, diet for...
16.06.2013 · From TheAuthor
Due to the uproar about fattening fast foods, many companies now make it a point to have low calorie offerings in their menus. As a result, now you actually have choices of low calorie menu items from many fast food joints. (...)
16.06.2013 · From TheAuthor
Many people only discover that they have hypertension when they go for a check-up with their physician. Having high blood pressure is bad news but while this is an irreversible condition, it can be managed. (...)
04.06.2013 · From TheAuthor
It’s easy to grab takeout when you’re busy, but these recipes for low calorie dinners are as quick as fast food. With a little ingenuity, you can have a healthy dinner on the table in no time! These amazing recipes are quick, delicious, and low calorie – posing...
29.05.2013 · From TheAuthor
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