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Hair loss is something that is quite common and can happen to anyone, whether female or male. People usually lose about 50-100 hairs per day. Because of the amount of hair on a typical personís head, most of the time these daily losses go unnoticed. (...)
11.11.2015 · From LindaBrown
These days men do not seem to be as concerned about hair loss as in the past. In fact, a totally bald head is often seen as a fashion statement, and many men simplify their hair care routines by simply shaving their scalps. (...)
11.11.2015 · From LindaBrown
Did you know you can take precautions to reduce hair loss? Although hair loss is hereditary you can slow down the effects of baldness. Men and woman think that they have to give in to the inevitable and accept hair loss, but there are things that you can do...
11.11.2015 · From LindaBrown
No matter if you happen to be male or female, your hair represents a major component of your overall look, and you certainly want to be sure that it looks its best at all times. There are many things that can be done to improve the appearance and condition of your...
26.10.2015 · From nelanibeauty
It may be very tempting to simply get your hair cut in the latest style; however, this is not always a good choice. If the most popular hair style does not suit your hair type or the shape of your face, you could end up looking quite ridiculous. (...)
26.10.2015 · From nelanibeauty
If you are losing your hair, you need to take action as soon as possible and stop this process. The following article is filled with useful tips that will help you get rid of this issue. Do not waste time and money on hair loss remedies that promise you a head full...
15.10.2015 · From LindaBrown
Many of you may have heard of the dismissive line: Sorry, I can't go, I'm washing my hair that night. While washing your hair seems like a straightforward task, there are actually several things that you need to do to keep your hair as healthy as possible. (...)
12.10.2015 · From TheAuthor
Many of us rely upon shampoos, conditioners and other external treatments to keep our hair looking good The basis of beautiful hair comes from within. This article suggests five top nutrition tips to encourage healthy hair growth.
08.09.2015 · From LindaBrown
Hair loss is a common symptom of aging but there are different things you can try in order to stop this process. You should go over the following article if you want to learn more about hair loss and how to stop it. (...)
16.02.2014 · From LindaBrown
As you age you are more likely to experience hair loss. Instead of waiting until you actually start losing hair to figure out how to grow it back prevent yourself from losing hair in the first place. (...)
15.02.2014 · From LindaBrown
Hair loss seemed to sneak up on me. I never paid much attention as my hair thinned as I aged until one day a friend started joking about the shiny spot on the crown of my head. When I got home, I pulled out a hand mirror and took a closer look. He was right. (...)
15.02.2014 · From LindaBrown
Any person who begins noticing a significant thinning of the hair is naturally concerned as to the seriousness of the condition. On average, a person can loose up to 100 strands of hair from the head. (...)
14.02.2014 · From LindaBrown
I used to have the longest hair of any woman I have ever known. It was auburn, and fell past my rear in simple waves that everyone coveted and always wanted to stroke. I didnít mind. I lived off their envy. (...)
13.02.2014 · From LindaBrown
Today everyone has one question on their mind i.e. How to make hair grow faster? Healthy hair requires an optimal delivery of oxygen to breathe and penetrate. Adequate supply of nutrients from the circulatory system to the hair follicle is required for hair to grow...
13.02.2014 · From LindaBrown
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