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India is a country yearly producing many thousands of college graduates from numerous streams. Not all these graduates apply to post graduation and other higher studies. Many of them seek for a job with better position and higher pay scale.
11.07.2012 · From RonitIrabatt
Jobs portal is helpful to all job seekers along with employers, placement consultants. Find latest jobs today and apply for job vacancies in abroad according to your preferred country and location.
28.06.2012 · From RohitIrabatti
Resume writing can be nightmarish yet you need to put your best foot forth while drafting it out. Find out top five resume writing mistakes you should avoid in your resume.
09.02.2012 · From submitresume
Here are tips that will do the trick to get you your dream job. Read on to find out simple yet effective ways of grabbing a lucrative job offer.
12.01.2012 · From submitresume
Until quite recently, Silicon Valley was the preferred destination for the best IT minds of India. The economic recession that led to severe cutbacks and layoffs in the America did not do too much dam...
01.01.1970 · From jobsindia
As information technology has changed the face of the job market in India and across the globe,number of job opportunity in the IT sector has risen to an amazing rate. Useless to say, globalization an...
01.01.1970 · From jobsindia
Jobs opportunities in India do show an upward trend as many firms come forward to recruiting more staffs. The lull that engulfed the economy has been over and economy showing a positive attitude acros...
01.01.1970 · From jobsindia
In the late 1990s various US companies, a substantial number of them from the IT sector, started outsourcing jobs in India. At this juncture, many organizations created online job portals to make the ...
01.01.1970 · From jobsindia
India did not fare as badly as the USA and European countries during the times of recession. The recession was able to slow down its progress, but Indian economy bounced back quickly and is booming ag...
01.01.1970 · From jobsindia