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Mobile marketing is a reference to marketing that generally occurs over wireless networks. It is marketing that is directed at users of smart phones, tablets, iPads, and various other mobile devices. (...)
07.05.2014 · From Fabienne
For those that have tried their hand at starting a new business, the concept of gaining new customers for your product or service can be a daunting task for most. With the rise of technology, the ability to contact prospective customers where they are is available...
06.05.2014 · From Fabienne
In every business industry, smart phones are creating new and cost-effective ways to network, close sales and stay in touch. This is why small business should not take too much time to consider getting a mobile website or mobile app. (...)
04.05.2014 · From Fabienne
The Internet has gone mainstream in how people do business. A company without a website is like a company what is not listed in the yellow pages. Over the years, even Internet marketing has evolved. (...)
28.04.2014 · From Fabienne
Many businesses understand that mobile marketing is the wave of the advertising future. They see the advantages of being able to make a direct connection with their existing and potential customers, unlike any other opportunity. (...)
26.04.2014 · From Fabienne
I am getting into mobile marketing. I see so much promise in this area. I read in an article that almost everyone on earth has a cellphone that is if you just count the number of people on earth and the amount of phones that are made. (...)
21.04.2014 · From Fabienne
For a long time, search engine marketing was presented as the greatest form of marketing and it was true. People search the Internet and Google when they are looking for a service based business more often than they do the Yellow Pages or a local news paper. (...)
12.04.2014 · From Fabienne
I want to make a few quick suggestions to help you increase you mobile marketing plans exponentially. You need to forget about the idea of separating your mobile, social, and traditional marketing and start using them all as a joint effort for greater success. (...)
08.04.2014 · From Fabienne
Mobile marketing has many benefits, one being that you can reach a large audience all at once. This application can be based on any topic like travel, health, etc. Even though the number is registered, the companies which have business with the consumer can continue...
04.04.2014 · From Fabienne
Marketing on the web is competitive. Millions of web businesses are vying for the visits of web users around the world. Web marketing has evolved to take many forms. One of the latest forms is marketing through mobile devices. (...)
31.03.2014 · From Fabienne
There are more people who own mobile telephone devices today than ever before. Many of these devices are smart phones that have access to the Internet, email, texting capabilities, and social media sites. (...)
23.03.2014 · From Fabienne
Many individuals state that they need to discover the tips for portable marketing. Like anything else, you must have the proper specifics of the proper approaches to get it done in order to be successful. (...)
20.03.2014 · From Fabienne
Have you ever noticed how, when you're in among a large group of people, EVERYONE seems to be staring at, or working on, a mobile device of some kind? If it's not a smartphone then it's an iPad or a Kindle Fire or any number of other devices designed to keep people...
20.03.2014 · From Fabienne
Fifteen years ago who would have thought that we would be talking about text messaging as a basic part of marketing campaigns? Well, today text messages are the most common way people communicate. (...)
19.03.2014 · From Fabienne
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