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The world is a colourful place to be in. It is extremely difficult to think of it without colors. But, this impossibility is permanently captured in pencil portraits passionately sketched by adept hands to imprint the human face in its various expressions on a canvas. (...)
13.06.2013 · From joanellis
Thinking of the best gift for a loved one can sometimes be a challenging chore especially if the desire is to really please the person with something personal. Regardless of occasion, there can be nothing more personal than a realistic pencil portrait drawn by your...
12.06.2013 · From joanellis
Many people secretly wish they can sketch or draw the face of their loved ones or favourite people. For some who cannot even draw a straight line, this can be a reality with the availability of pencil portrait software download that can enable anybody to learn the...
02.06.2013 · From joanellis
Today’s life is becoming easier, thanks to computer technology and other digital gadgets that make things more possible to be accomplished, including portraiture. But, regardless of the convenience that these modern amenities offer, true artists, whether...
04.05.2013 · From joanellis
The penchant for sketching pencil portrait images can be given another interpretation by rendering them with color. Creating a portrait in itself is a tedious process that breathing a life-like shade onto it becomes a much more challenging feat for any artist. (...)
27.04.2013 · From joanellis
The art of pencil portrait drawing involves sketching the human face using correct measurement and baseline. A realistic portraiture demands an understanding of the basic concept of how to measure the image by comparing it to the nearest object. (...)
27.04.2013 · From joanellis
Among the different forms of drawing, pencil portraiture can be challenging yet can also be rewarding with its results. It takes a lot of passion, perseverance and inspiration to achieve pencil portrait mastery and gain its many benefits. (...)
26.04.2013 · From joanellis
Whether you are a masterful artist or a beginner with great passion for drawing pencil portraits, you can benefit from pencil portrait lessons because there are always new things to learn. Regardless of their sources, these lessons offer sketching instructions for...
23.04.2013 · From joanellis
Nowadays, teaching oneself how to draw can be done with the help of tutorials either from the Internet or books. Whether the medium is watercolour, acrylic or pencil, it becomes difficult to gauge the progress of the student who is self-studying to become an artist...
07.04.2013 · From joanellis