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Pogona vitticeps, the scientific name for Bearded Dragons, are omnivorous because they originated from a habitat that is a characteristically hostile having very little for and water sources. That makes them easy to care for.
22.06.2016 · From Editor
Bearded dragons are omnivorous as they can feed both on plants and insects. Under domesticated conditions, the bearded dragon diet can consist of both with a higher proportion of insects when they are still juveniles for more protein
10.11.2015 · From Editor
Bearded dragons became the rage as domesticated pets. Some variants are very attractive with a splash of colors that can rival the vibrancy of a rainbow. This article introduces the basics of keeping Beardies for sale as pets.
10.11.2015 · From Editor
Considering the great color variations, gentle demeanor and easy caring needs the bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) make great pets. If they will reach their reproductive stage, bearded dragon breeding can be lucrative.
10.11.2015 · From Editor
Bearded Dragon lizards are omnivorous that feed on both plants and numerous kinds of insects. Young bearded dragons need more protein to sustain healthy growth. This article will give more info about feeding a pet Bearded Dragon.
10.11.2015 · From Editor
A baby bearded dragon is recommended to pet lovers who want to have extraordinary pets. Though they are exotic, they are very gentle, thus, make wonderful pets even for young children. This article covers the basics of Bearded Dragon knowledge.
10.11.2015 · From Editor
Confinement in a tank is always stressful. Bearded dragons in captivity undergo stress since they were caught, transported, and housed in an interim vivarium. A new life in a new bearded dragon tank will demand another adjustment process.
10.11.2015 · From Editor
Bearded dragons may be fierce looking but they are gentle creatures, breeding them is of the highest achievements a pet owner can reach. Check out this article fro info about breeding beardies.
10.11.2015 · From Editor
In order to keep bearded dragons as pets or for breeding, bearded dragon enclosures are needed to house them. These enclosures are important because these represent their habitat. Being confined in a tank unduly stresses bearded dragons
10.11.2015 · From Editor
Bearded dragons have become quite a preferred pet in recent years. In addition, although there are nine different kinds of bearded dragons found in the arid regions of Australia, only a few of these are usually available in today’s pet trade. (...)
10.11.2015 · From KarenWheately
Bearded dragons are members of the lizard family called Agamidae. The lizards in this family are known by a number of names, including dragons, chisel-toothed lizards, and pricklenapes. These creatures were originally assigned to the genus known as Amphibolurus, which...
16.11.2012 · From KarenWheately
The term bearded dragons can refer to a variety of lizards in the genus Pogona. All the seven known species are native to the desert and arid scrub lands of Southeastern Australia. Also fondly referred to as “Beardies,” these gentle, terrestrial creatures have...
14.11.2012 · From KarenWheately
Bearded dragons are usually robust lizards, especially after they move past the hatchling stage. Given the proper environment and nutrition, they can live to be quite old. However, just like any other animal, bearded dragons are not immune to sickness. (...)
12.11.2012 · From KarenWheately
If you are interested in buying an exotic reptile in the form of a bearded dragon, there is one very important thing that you should take into consideration: their habitat. When bearded dragons are taken out of their natural environment and forced to live in an...
09.11.2012 · From KarenWheately
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