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If an investor or property owner wants to utilize a Section 1031 in order to exchange one of their properties for a "like kind" property, then they need to follow the rules and regulations outlined in...
26.11.2015 · From Editor
The copyright was originally conceptualized as a mechanism to protect the rights of authors and artists. In this spirit, the Constitution of the United States contains a clause which states that Congress has the power to secure for authors and inventors the exclusive...
12.11.2015 · From joanellis
How can a person protect their ideas and inventions from being stolen or exploited by other people? That's where a patent comes in. This article explains the steps toward getting the USPTO to issue a patent on your intellectual property.
12.11.2015 · From Andrew_Facebook
A new invention needs protection, the kind that is installed proactively. That is where a god patent lawyer is needed. Here are a few pointers to help you get the intellectual property protection assistance that you need.
12.11.2015 · From TheAuthor
For providing approval on any type of home loan, lender/credit providers need to know your financial condition. They ascertain your income by calculating your salary, overtime, bonus, etc.
26.02.2015 · From SinghFinance
If you have bad golfing habits today, you probably learned them when you first took up golf. But the good news is that anyone can break bad habits and learn good ones. Here are a couple of tips to help you on your way to playing better golf.
12.07.2013 · From TheAuthor
Property management done by professionals can relieve you off major stress of maintaining and managing your property. Here in this article I have listed few tips that can help you manage property easily.
03.02.2013 · From property99
Most writers, inventors and artists have come to know the importance of protecting their work with a copyright right after they have finished with it. Although technically an original work is intrinsically under copyright upon its creation, obtaining a registered...
31.12.2012 · From joanellis
At one time or another, every consumer’s attention has been caught by a notice in the pages of a book or the casing of a DVD saying all rights reserved. This statement is so commonplace people hardly give it a second thought. (...)
31.12.2012 · From joanellis
The enclosed C or copyright symbol © is one that is seen so often people hardly even notice it anymore. It is, however, an important, internationally recognized sign and its presence has implications for the general public. (...)
28.12.2012 · From joanellis
Anyone interested in protecting his or her work today would look for a copyright website. From such an online portal, you can find out all there is to know about copyrights and what the copyright law provides. (...)
27.12.2012 · From joanellis
In this day and age, it would be safe to assume that most people have seen and read notices informing the public of the copyright protection of certain items. Such a notice is called a copyright statement; it declares that the item on which it is written is protected...
26.12.2012 · From joanellis
The Copyright Act of 1976 defined the rights of copyright holders and how long these rights would be in effect. It also articulated exceptions to copyright restrictions based on what is referred to as the doctrine of fair use. (...)
25.12.2012 · From joanellis
Because of modern technology and the internet, issues regarding intellectual property and copyright protection have become exceedingly broad and complex. As a result, a community of copyright experts has grown to meet the burgeoning problems that have come up in the...
23.12.2012 · From joanellis
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