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Like most chronic (long-term) diseases, psoriasis will enter every corner of your life. Your lifestyle past and present will help determine what lifestyle changes may occur following the diagnosis of psoriasis. (...)
18.11.2016 · From TheAuthor
Stretch marks are a common cause of concern for most of us, there is good news. There are plenty of things you can do and apply these things to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks if not completely eradicate them - read on and learn how!
17.11.2016 · From TheAuthor
A physician or dermatologist can be essential in helping someone fight acne. If you go to see a skin specialist, here are some tips to communicating with that individual to maximize the effectiveness of the appointment.
06.05.2016 · From alayalewis
A man requires an anti aging cream to have well moisturized and nourished skin to fight wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. This article looks at the most important considerations when buying men's anti aging skin care.
03.05.2016 · From TheAuthor
The processes going on in the skin of a person suffering from acne are explained here. You also find a survey of the factors causing acne and measures you can apply yourself to prevent, cure or alleviate acne.
12.10.2015 · From alayalewis
Acne is an issue that affects people from all walks of life. Many times, people suffer from this condition because they do not how to treat it. The following information will teach you how to get rid of unsightly acne.
15.02.2015 · From TheAuthor
There is nothing quite so frustrating as when you are in the doctor's office and he/she is using terms to describe your medical condition or treatment that are way over your head because they are not in "laymen's language", but in medical jargon. (...)
26.09.2013 · From TheAuthor
There have been recorded cases of psoriasis since 35 A.D. and there is even some evidence that it existed before that time. Despite the longevity of its existence there is still very little known about what actually causes psoriasis. (...)
25.09.2013 · From TheAuthor
Having that nasty zit is sometimes quite annoying. In fact, it is a great factor on suffering low self-esteem particularly on young people whose main focus at puberty is the physical attribute.
23.09.2013 · From alayalewis
We are living in a purely cosmetic world where looks and appearances matter a lot. People are ready to spend a fortune to improve the way they look. This has been hugely contributing to the growth of beauty, hair and skin care products in the market.
22.09.2013 · From LindaBrown
The individual living with psoriasis soon learns to expect that the disease is anything but predictable. It is also a very irritating disease because it really can ruin your social life, drive you nutty with the intense itching and make you ashamed of your own skin. (...)
19.09.2013 · From TheAuthor
Psoriasis is a disorder of the skin that affects over 6 million people in the United States alone. Research has not definitively established what exactly causes psoriasis, but recent studies have indicated that it may be an immune mediated disorder. (...)
17.09.2013 · From TheAuthor
Everybody grows older, but on some people it is more evident than on others. There are lots of reasons for this discrepancy. Among them are heredity, environment, habits and diet. Realize that you have control over three out of four of these factors. (...)
13.09.2013 · From nelanibeauty
Lots of people ask lots of questions about psoriasis. Those who have it want to know what to expect and how to get rid of it? Those who live with or sit next to people with psoriasis want to know what it is and if they can "catch it"? Parents of kids, who have it,...
09.09.2013 · From TheAuthor
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