Accounting undergoes changes all the time. A study was conducted a while back about the top ten accounting trends in the world. Check out the top five of these trends:
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Outsourced virtual bookkeeping means that the hired bookkeeper is not an employee and does not report for on-site work, but instead processes the financial documents from a remote location. Outsourcing bookkeeping in this way saves money...
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With advances of technology, virtual bookkeeping is becoming a trend that you may be considering gathering tips on how to convince your clients to go the virtual way. 'Going Virtual' can be difficult especially if your clients prefer your presence in the office.
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If you are planning to set up a virtual bookkeeping business, you need to know the essentials on how to get off the ground in the right way. The good thing about this venture is you can run it from anywhere as long as there is a computer and Internet connection
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Virtual bookkeeping can be the ideal solutions for those who are running a small business but most of us know nothing about the concept. This article introduces the basic concepts of virtual bookkeeping so that you start to see how this option can work for you.
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Accounting is not just for people who own businesses or corporations. Accounting is a practical set of methodologies that any person can find sensible use for. This is called home accounting or personal accounting, as other people may call it. (...)
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Have you ever been employed by a company or a corporation? If so, then you must be very familiar with a payroll or a piece of paper stating the salary or wages, the bonuses and the deductions for each employee. (...)
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What is medical accounting? What does a medical accountant do and what are the job descriptions of a medical accountant? Is it a medical term or is it an accounting term. At first glance, it looks confusing and is somehow perplexing. (...)
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There is a famous saying that says, “If you want it to be done right do it yourself.” That is not the case when it comes to accounting or accounting outsourcing. In these two fields, you can get as much professional help as you want. (...)
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We all have to start somewhere; this is what most people would say when they hear about small businesses. However, there is a great debate if small businesses need the same things as big businesses. (...)
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In all aspects of the business world, there will always be a special place for accountants and accounting services. Every generation of graduates comes a batch of esteemed and respected public accountants. (...)
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In any business, the goal is to sell to make a profit despite a levy called sales tax. However, what can this tax indicate? This tax is a local tax on sale of products or services, according to the percentage of sales price. (...)
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Like fashion, there is also what we call trends in accounting. These are the latest topics that most people in the financial district talk about. In addition, these influences affect accounting practices. (...)
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Accounting has many names and faces, but are they all the same? Can one rule in accounting be applicable to every accounting scenario around the world? Are all the usage and terminologies the same as every continent, state or country? (...)
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Businesses, companies, and corporations are upgrading their systems not only their operational systems, but their accounting systems as well. Big and small businesses are now ditching the traditional ways of accounting, which usually entails sticky notes and note pads. (...)
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Anyone who's worked in an office at some point or another has had to go to accounting. They're the people who pay and send out the bills that keep the business running. They do a lot more than that, though. (...)
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Becoming a CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, is not a simple feat. There is a lot of education and training, as well as testing that an accountant must undergo in order to become a CPA. Logically, the first step in becoming a CPA is to have a desire to go into...
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The dividend yield ratio tells investors how much cash income they're receiving on their stock investment in a business. This is calculated by dividing the annual cash dividend per share by the current market price of the stock. (...)
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In any type of businesses, an accountant is needed. You have to consider that accounting is basically the language in business and having enough knowledge about accountancy is essential for businessmen and women to know how their business is doing. (...)
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Measuring profits or net income is the most important thing accountants do. The second most important task is measuring costs. Costs are extremely important to running a business and managing them effectively can make a substantial difference in a company's bottom...
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