In most modern towns and cities restaurants open up all the time and usually just as many close. In this brief article we look at three essential aspects of restaurant management that restaurateurs and managers need to know about and work on.
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So, you hanker after a piece of KFC chicken but there's no KFC near to you? What to do? How to make your own Big Mac Special Sauce? Not possible? But it is, read on to learn more about how to get the fast food you need - at home!
19.08.2016 · From TheAuthor
For anyone that has a gluten intolerance or glycemic issues, eating proper healthy food can be a daily ordeal. We Look at a cook book Debbie Johnson that might end the frustration of gluten free food prep.
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What is the biggest challenge when your child decides to be a vegetarian? There are many, but the most challenging is saying “NO” to meat! This article looks at issues faced by parents of young vegetarians and gives suggestions for ways to deal with the lifestyle.
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I first drank Boba Milk Tea in China almost 20 years ago. I did not even know what I was drinking. Only a short time ago I discovered Boba or bubble milk tea was what I enjoyed in Shanghai. Here is a recipe to make that delicious and refreshing drink.
05.06.2015 · From Suzanne
Many people think that tea with milk (milk tea) is just for those English! But no, milk tea is an addictive way to drink tea that many people around the world are discovering as an alternative to coffee or even other forms of tea drinking. Enjoy these milk tea recipes!
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If you want to take on the challenge of making your first sushi then Go For It! In this article we introduce you to the concepts of sushi preparation. If you follow out brief guide carefully then your guests will never know that this was your first time making sushi!
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Sushi rice is thought to be hard to prepare. This is not true; the same rice is used as the basis for all types of sushi and sushi rice can be made even in an ordinary home kitchen. This article describes, step by step, how to prepare sushi rice.
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Making sushi seems like quite a challenge - especially when you see those Japanese sushi chefs at work. Reality is that preparing sushi is not so hard. Make sure that you have everything you need and you make the simpler sushi varieties and you'll be OK!
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Fruits are the more popular ingredient for smoothies because they are generally sweeter and more colorful. In addition, they lend themselves more easily to the making of desserts. Vegetable smoothies, however, can be just as sweet and delicious as the more familiar...
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Smoothies can be a good food supplement for people who are trying to lose weight. Take note that smoothies themselves cannot directly cause weight loss. However, they can help immeasurably because they supply needed nourishment while providing the feeling of fullness...
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Smoothies and shakes remain a constant favorite in the global food community regardless of the fact that at any given time you can have anything from pizza to chow mein to boeuf cordon bleu to pad Thai. (...)
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Cancer, said to be the leading cause of death today, claimed more than 7 million lives in 2008 alone. Because of this, the search for a cure is not confined to pharmaceutical companies; even ordinary homes are interested in coming up with concoctions that can shore up...
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Sometimes children can be so picky mothers find themselves at a loss as to how to get them eat. If you yourself are in this position, be consoled by the fact that most kids will drink a smoothie with gusto. (...)
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While modern society has witnessed amazing progress and development as it has never been seen before, it has also become the stage for many diseases that claim an astounding number of lives. (...)
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It is always exciting to come up with something extraordinary to serve your dinner guests. Tropical smoothies are a good and easy way to end your meal because though these may sound exotic; they can be prepared ahead and just given a finishing run in your blender...
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The best smoothies are those that can boast of fantastic flavor, good nutrition and ease of preparation. Basically, smoothies are supposed to be gustatory treats regardless of what purpose they serve. (...)
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Everyone has heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While this traditional view may be true, the fact remains that very few people today have time for anything more than a hurriedly put nourishment of sorts. (...)
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Many people enjoy sushi today in the same way that they would enjoy regular fast food because it is so readily available. However, although sushi was first sold in stalls in 18th century Edo, an entire etiquette has been developed for eating Japanese sushi. (...)
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High end chocolate makers all have specialties and unique products that give them their distinctive place in the market. However, beyond the differences that set each of them apart, these top gourmet chocolatiers have several things in common. (...)
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