When most people have accidents that result in injuries, the first thing they do is hire a lawyer. The fees they charge are astronomical. In some cases, you may end up with less money than your attorney.
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The Obama administration has taken steps to implement the provisions of healthcare law which will change the Ohio health insurance scene in many ways. More people will have access to coverage, though it may raise costs for some.
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Kentucky is one of the first states to go ahead with the creation of a health insurance exchange where Kentuckians can purchase affordable, quality coverage. The Kentucky health insurance scene will see many changes starting in January 2014.
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To put it simple, health insurance provides coverage for medical costs incurred from illnesses or injuries. Health insurance also gives you peace of mind when in times of stress incurred from hospitalization of a loved one.
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If you are considering changing your health insurance policy, you should be aware of the alternative of a Health Savings Account (HCA). Health Savings Accounts started to become available (and legal) in 2004, allowing people with high-deductible insurance policies to...
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The tuition arrangements are set up; the dorm room is assigned and your son or daughter is headed off to college in the fall. In all of the confusion of the paperwork, deadlines and financial arrangements did you remember to check on their health insurance...
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Medicare is a governmental program which provides medical insurance coverage for retired persons over age 65 or for others who meet certain medical conditions, such as having a disability. Medicare was signed into legislation in 1965 as an amendment to the Social...
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Health insurance considerations weigh heavily on the minds of people wanting to retire before Medicare coverage kicks in at age 65. Many people put off retirement simply because the cost of an individual health insurance policy is too great on a limited income. (...)
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As in everything that involves money, it is important to keep good records of your medical expenses for many reasons. Keeping track of deductibles, especially for a family, can be time consuming, but is an important task. (...)
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Some health insurance policies do not provide for prescription coverage and a separate policy must be purchased for prescription medications. This is an area where it pays to do some homework and research and find the best policy for you. (...)
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Health insurance, in this modern world of cancer, heart disease, AIDS, diabetes, asthma, ageing and other diseases and afflictions, it is essential to have some sort of health insurance. There are many levels of health insurance coverage available; unfortunately,...
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Disability insurance policies are designed to pay part of your wages should you be injured in an accident or are unable to work because of illness. Here are two types of policies available: long-term disability and short-term disability. (...)
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