This article has been a discussion about how to buy amber jewelry online as well as amber jewelry itself. The main advantage of buying amber jewelry online is that you can easily compare prices across websites.
26.03.2015 · From Suzanne
Most people around the world are fascinated by diamond jewelry not only because of its timeless beauty, but also because it holds great symbolic meaning. From old-fashioned amulets to majestic crowns, objects embellished with diamonds have represented achievement,...
22.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
If there is one culture in this planet that is worth its weight in gold, literally and metaphorically speaking, it is the Indian jewelry culture. The people of India have expended much energy for over 5,000 years artistically putting together jewels and precious...
20.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
Diamonds are still the most coveted and most precious stones that man has ever known, and there is no doubting that. Fine cut diamonds never fail to add class and sophistication to any piece of jewelry. (...)
17.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
The popularity of silver jewelry is skyrocketing. In fact, men and women of all ages worldwide are now starting to discover the beauty and uniqueness that this precious metal has to offer. This does not come as a surprise though, because silver’s overall appeal...
15.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
Who doesn’t adore one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry? Jewelry is among the most popular accessories known to man. These are creations of stunning elegance and shine that adds and heightens the sophistication and allure of a woman. (...)
08.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
Jewelry makes great accessories during social occasions and even during regular days. It gives immense pleasure for people to don extremely expensive fine jewelry collection on a daily basis, however, that can place too much risk on both the jewelry and the wearer. (...)
08.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
For many women, there is something about diamonds, gold, silver, and precious gems that brings them extreme happiness. Having even just one stunning piece of jewelry can make most women feel beautiful and fabulous. (...)
03.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
Jewelry comes with a price; fine jewelry collection can even cost a fortune, yet, people continue to buy it. Buyers either buy it for themselves or give it as a gift to someone dear. Either way, it is meant to be a special. (...)
03.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
Gold has been one of the most highly preferred precious metals in the world, especially for jewelry. In fact, the consumption of gold produced worldwide is in jewelry. India is the largest consumer of gold jewelry in the world, followed by the United States. (...)
02.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
If you are into beading, metalwork, wire wrapping, or you simply love gold, silver, or diamond accessories, then a jewelry business may suit you right. Nevertheless, turning your passion for jewelry into a business is not as simple as you might think. (...)
02.01.2013 · From LindaBrown
When purchasing a diamond online, it is important to know what characteristics of such a purchase are significant and what questions to ask to make sure you get what you are looking for or maybe even get something better than you thought you could!
23.07.2012 · From jewellry11
A wider range of leather fashion jewelry, leather tassels, beaded eye glass holders, bead kits and beads made of glass, bone, horn, wood and metal.
21.07.2012 · From leatherbead
A leather cord necklaces and bracelets are available in various designs and styles. The necklace will compromise of a leather string with a pendent in the center.
11.07.2012 · From leatherbead
Clarity is an important aspect of a diamond, and it is important to know how to grade the clarity of a diamond before you buy one. It is actually quite easy to learn how to grade the clarity of a diamond. (...)
25.06.2012 · From TheAuthor
When you walk into a jewelry store and see all the diamonds in all of the various settings that are for sale, it is difficult to realize that diamonds are indeed rare. Most people don’t even stop to consider how that diamond came to be sitting in that...
25.06.2012 · From TheAuthor
Before you start shopping for diamonds, consider dealing with a bonded jeweler. Bonded jewelers sell bonded diamonds, and there are very few bonded jewelers in the world. In fact, out of all of the jeweler’s in the world, only about 5% of them are bonded. (...)
25.06.2012 · From TheAuthor
With all of the potential for scams concerning diamonds, buying diamonds online almost seems unthinkable! However, you actually can purchase diamonds online, without any problems – as long as you are careful. (...)
25.06.2012 · From TheAuthor
There are many different cuts of diamonds to choose from. The cut essentially refers to the shape that the diamond is cut into – unless you are in the diamond or jewelry business, but this shape has a great impact on the much the diamond sparkles. (...)
25.06.2012 · From TheAuthor
Fancy colored diamonds are all the rage these days. Gemologists have developed new ways to create versions that are affordable for the average person - by treating less desirable diamonds. (...)
25.06.2012 · From TheAuthor