The copyright was originally conceptualized as a mechanism to protect the rights of authors and artists. In this spirit, the Constitution of the United States contains a clause which states that Congress has the power to secure for authors and inventors the exclusive...
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How can a person protect their ideas and inventions from being stolen or exploited by other people? That's where a patent comes in. This article explains the steps toward getting the USPTO to issue a patent on your intellectual property.
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A new invention needs protection, the kind that is installed proactively. That is where a god patent lawyer is needed. Here are a few pointers to help you get the intellectual property protection assistance that you need.
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If you are at a stage in your life when you are looking for a divorce attorney, then for sure you are not at your happiest. You will surely need competent help in the days ahead, so it is important that you find a good lawyer. (...)
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Because a divorce is a life-changing occurrence in a person’s life, you want to make sure that you are fully protected if you are going through one. To make sure of this, think seriously of what to consider in a divorce attorney because there are several qualities...
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Going through a divorce is costly – both emotionally and financially. Among the things that people worry about when they go through a divorce would be the divorce attorney fees that need to be paid. (...)
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Many people need to get a divorce but cannot afford to pay a lawyer to help them through the process. Actually, there are ways to get a free divorce attorney. Here is an overview of how to obtain legal assistance without spending what it would ordinarily cost. (...)
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If you are going to go through a divorce and have decided to hire a lawyer, you will probably be asking yourself if you need to confess certain things in your past. There are some things you would perhaps rather not talk about at all, but remember, your lawyer needs...
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Going through a divorce can be a very overwhelming experience but regardless of how devastated you might be, you have to make sure you get the best legal service possible. A first step towards this would be getting the information you need to decide on which lawyer to...
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When you engage a divorce lawyer there are certain services that you may require him provide for you. It is good to have an overview of standard divorce attorney services so you know what which ones you can ask about when you consult with him. (...)
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When people look for a divorce lawyer and sit down to meet with prospects, they usually have a prepared set of questions to ask. This helps them get information that they need in order to decide if they will hire the lawyer they are talking to. (...)
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You need to ask many basic questions when you consult a divorce attorney. Beyond getting answers to these questions, however, your meeting can yield a lot more for you. Here are tips on how to consult a divorce attorney and get some long-range benefits. 1. (...)
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If you have never been through a divorce before it is hard to know what is reasonable in terms of divorce lawyer expectations. Here are a few important guidelines to help you get a better feel of what you are entitled to when you look for a lawyer to help you. (...)
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Most writers, inventors and artists have come to know the importance of protecting their work with a copyright right after they have finished with it. Although technically an original work is intrinsically under copyright upon its creation, obtaining a registered...
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At one time or another, every consumer’s attention has been caught by a notice in the pages of a book or the casing of a DVD saying all rights reserved. This statement is so commonplace people hardly give it a second thought. (...)
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The enclosed C or copyright symbol © is one that is seen so often people hardly even notice it anymore. It is, however, an important, internationally recognized sign and its presence has implications for the general public. (...)
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Anyone interested in protecting his or her work today would look for a copyright website. From such an online portal, you can find out all there is to know about copyrights and what the copyright law provides. (...)
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In this day and age, it would be safe to assume that most people have seen and read notices informing the public of the copyright protection of certain items. Such a notice is called a copyright statement; it declares that the item on which it is written is protected...
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The Copyright Act of 1976 defined the rights of copyright holders and how long these rights would be in effect. It also articulated exceptions to copyright restrictions based on what is referred to as the doctrine of fair use. (...)
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Because of modern technology and the internet, issues regarding intellectual property and copyright protection have become exceedingly broad and complex. As a result, a community of copyright experts has grown to meet the burgeoning problems that have come up in the...
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