With the growing popularity of astral projection, also known as astral travel and out of body experience (OBE), many people who have had experiences with such have come forward expounding on them and educating others how to accomplish the same. (...)
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If you have no idea what astral projection is, you are not alone. In fact, if you ask your friends the question “What is astral projection,” you might get a few strange looks. However, as with any paranormal or unexplained mysteries, the skepticism around astral...
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Astral projection is not a totally new phenomenon as many people around the world have experienced leaving their physical body and encountered dimensions outside the physical realm. Also commonly known as astral projection or astral travel, this out-of-body experience...
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Many people are intrigued and fascinated by the realness of astral projection, its various techniques, benefits, and consequences. Also known as astral travel or conscious projection, the history of this phenomenon is as old as humanity. (...)
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Astral projection is anything but a new phenomenon. This practice and ability has been around for over 5,000 years and has been commonly accepted by various ancient civilizations for countless centuries. (...)
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Many people are curious as to what astral projection is and what the best techniques for this phenomenon are. Astral projection, also known as astral travel or out-of-body experience (OBE), is an event in which the astral body separates from the physical body. (...)
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Astral Projection, which is the paranormal term for out-of-body experience (OBE), is a technique in which the soul temporarily leaves the body and enters a far and wide state that is hidden away from the naked eye. (...)
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Astral projection, also often called as astral travel, is a type of out-of-body experience (OBE) in which a person’s astral body leaves the physical body to visit a realm where time and space have no meaning. (...)
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Whenever people attempt to do something for the first time, they usually encounter some difficulty. Anxiety, disorientation, and even panic can arise when people try something they have not experienced yet. (...)
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It seems that many individuals want to talk about past life regression and reincarnation. Many people are now geting interested on this subject… who wouldn’t be? Just the thought of having a past life makes people curious. (...)
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If some individuals are interested in finding out about their past lives, there are also those who want to go to the future. Traveling to the future is a very exciting idea because you will eventually find out the good and bad decisions you’ve made. (...)
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Do you believe that people have past lives? If you do, then perhaps you will be very much interested in past life regression. According to practitioners of past life regression, the soul of an individual has lived in the past but in a different body. (...)
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You can undergo past life regression through hypnosis or without a trance session. Hypnosis can only be done by an expert because it involves risks. It can be dangerous to the patient if the person performing the trance is not equipped with adequate knowledge. (...)
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You present life is a continuation of your past life. Some individuals may believe in it but others might not. Still, continuous studies on past life regression reveals that the past life of an individual can affect present life conditions. (...)
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Recalling your past can be done through hypnosis. This is the most common method used for past life regression but there are also other ways to conduct PLR. Different techniques are used to uncover details of past life and it is up to the PLR therapist to determine...
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Are there really benefits to past life regression? Non-believers of reincarnation think that past life is simply an imagination and a fraud. Well, you don’t have to believe them instantly not unless you’ve looked into the possible benefits you can get from past...
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Reincarnation is a very interesting subject and for many years, it has captured the attention of many people. Almost all the religion systems that people know today believe in reincarnation. (...)
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Its a popular belief that humans have souls. For centuries now, people believe in a superior being, God. God created humans with souls and without it, you will not exist in this world. According to studies, the world is part of a certain ‘oneness’ with energy and...
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Why should you even bother of discovering your past life when your present life is too much to handle? This is the common misconception of many people. You see, if you’re facing a lot of dilemmas today, it may be connected to your past life. (...)
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