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Your site should be designed in such a way so that it attracts traffic and allows you to increase your sales. All this can be made easy by using flash web design as it is a powerful technology. Many of the businesses are using flash base in their sites design, but usually people are unaware of the problems created by it in search engine ranking and search engine optimization. The various reasons why you should not use flash are as follows:-

Majority of search engines like Google and Yahoo ignore those flash sites.

Flash files especially those that make use of embedded movies and bitmap images take time to load. This is because of the fact that flash requires bandwidth and still many people around the world are using net via dial up connections.

To disable the browser’s back buttons Flash designers use Meta refreshers. Google’s Ad Words do not accept pages with disabled back button.

The third party users can create problems for you if you do not use Flash yourself, they may change the coding in a way that you cannot edit it and you will have to them hire them each time you need to some editing.

Flash is not able to handle browsers navigation controls.

Using flash often creates confusion in the mind of the user. Therefore flash is not user friendly.

Most of the flash based websites are not developed for visitor tracking systems.

The flash based websites do not allow you to know what visitors were looking for in your website. You can only know how many people visited your website.

Flash websites are incompatible with many of the PDA’s and digital assistants.

A site that is developed using flash is invisible on these devices.

Flash in not able to process efficiently multimedia components.

Flash usually requires developer to include special information for the visitors to their sites.

A flash site cannot be easily maintained.

A site can be easily modified by those who have basic knowledge of HTML.

It is difficult to integrate blogs, shopping carts and other web applications with a purely flash based site.

Flash does not take into account the needs of the users and flash screens are sometimes irritating.

Flash intros waste the users time as, each user has some or the other motive to visit a website.

The Flash pictures are really difficult to develop and are very time consuming. Those organizations that have limited resources may suffer from limitations regarding use of Flash.

The users may not go deeper into your website as Flash makes the CPU heavy and slows down the speed.

Therefore those users who are interested in designing a website should first gain knowledge about flash and then proceed with it, as it has lot of disadvantages. If Flash is used properly it can make your site interactive and attractive. Flash is visually attractive and can help improve your website to a great extent. Search Engine Optimization Delhi , Search Engine Optimization Company Delhi

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