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Making Wonderful Pets Out Of Bearded Dragons

A baby bearded dragon is recommended to pet lovers who want to have extraordinary pets. Though they are exotic, they are very gentle, thus, make wonderful pets even for young  children. To ensure optimum survival, it is recommended to prepare their vivarium or bearded dragon cage a week early since a stable temperature is essential for them.

Bearded Dragon close upWhat makes an ideal vivarium for baby bearded dragon? These pets are known to easily get stressed in a large tank. If pet owners do not want to change the cage anymore since they will just be juvenile for as brief as four to six months after acquisition, some blocks can be added. These can be “unblocked” once the beardies become fully grown without the need to buy or construct a new one. Also, this is better since a setting temperature factor is easily gotten from a bigger vivarium.

The most critical stage for a baby bearded dragon are the first to second weeks. Stress is manifested by not eating. Very young beardies with little body fat may not be able to withstand starvation. That is why it is much easier to take care of “beardies” who are six months rather than those who are six weeks. Handling baby dragon must be done after petting it for two weeks. Predators usually attack from above so, scoop the animal from beneath in order not to be threatened.

Feeding the baby bearded dragon appropriately will make them grow faster and well. Beardies can be fed with small crickets three times a day. Meal worms and other fat-laden worms like butter worms are not ideal. Locusts are great but are quite expensive. Crickets which are uneaten must be removed to avoid them from nibbling on the baby bearded dragon. Their diet must also include veggies. Proportion of vegetables must increase with maturity. Ensuring that the veggies are in bite-size pieces must be noted.

The bottom of the cage must be lined with non-toxic material. It must also be smooth like the walls to prevent them from suffering from abrasions.

Having a baby bearded dragon for a pet is great. It is a great past time that if done properly can be quite rewarding.

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