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Acid Reflux: What Are The Signs

You have just stuffed yourself at this wonderful meal. Just could not resist one more helping of the wonderful beef dish with the rich cream sauce.

That feeling of well being also led you to getting comfortable on the sofa, just in time for your favorite program on TV. Feet up, a roaring fireplace and a chocolate followed by a great wine is what you love. A bowl of peanuts to add some crunch.

Welcome to the world of Acid Reflux

so, that's what acid reflux feels like!Sometimes, these dreamy reveries can be interrupted with a nasty feeling in the chest, that feels as if there is some sour acidic fluid rising up behind your breastbone. Sometimes things really get unpleasant with all the great stuff you ate coming back as sour fluid, right back into your throat. You wish you could vomit it, but it just stays there.

Thanks to the Vagus nerve that springs into action during an abdominal upset, some people even get dizzy spells as part of the Acid Reflux reaction.

If you have been ignoring these kinds of things happening earlier, chances are that you would also get a feeling of food getting stuck in your throat. A sensation of food finding it difficult to travel down the food pipe, is also possible.

If you show symptoms of a sore throat, breathing difficulties , or even a constant urge to clear your throat, this is a sign that you are now a confirmed member of a community that suffers from Acid Reflux , also known in medical parlance as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

Turns out that this Acid Reflux disease has nothing to do with genetic disposition, age, nationality, race and other classifying factors, but has everything to do with your attitude towards the quality of your eating, nutrition, and health. A child of two can get this disease, so can a teenager, and so can a senior in the family. While a very young child getting an Acid Reflux problem may be related to physiological development concerns, for everyone else , it is almost a disease brought on by overindulgence , and abuse of your digestive system.

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