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Alternative Treatments For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a disorder of the skin that affects over 6 million people in the United States alone. Research has not definitively established what exactly causes psoriasis, but recent studies have indicated that it may be an immune mediated disorder. Psoriasis occurs when the body generates too many skin cells and may change from one type to another within a matter of days. It may improve, flare up, and even go into remission only to return at a later date. When alternative treatments are used in conjunction with other treatments the patient is given a feeling of control over the negative mental aspects associated with psoriasis.

The success rates of alternative psoriasis treatments are difficult to measure due to conclusive test results not being readily available. Psoriasis has long been one of the most difficult skin conditions for researchers to cure. Many alternative treatment options available may not work and may play on the need of the patient only as a means to make money. There is not one miracle cure for psoriasis, but several alternative treatments are available. Many natural treatments include acupuncture, manipulation, diet, dietary supplements, and herbal therapies. Before a patient suffering with psoriasis tries an alternative treatment, they need to seek consultation from their physician who may refer them to a dermatologist.

Tip: Be sure to moisten your skin before shaving. Also, try not to shave unless you have a lathering product to help.

Acupuncture is a technique which relieves pain and treats disease by inserting and manipulating fine needles in the body at varying depths in acupressure points. Acupuncture, however, is not a common way to treat psoriasis in China, but there is evidence that is an effective psoriasis treatment. It’s success varies largely from person to person and may take several treatments in order to help. The benefits of acupuncture includes no side effects which indicates that no negative side effects are an issue. Acupuncture is becoming more accepted as a means of treating and controlling the pain associated with psoriatic arthritis and rheumatism.

Manipulation treatment is another term used to describe any method of treating pain which includes realigning the joints. Manipulation of the joints must be done only by a highly skilled person in order to avoid any risk that the manipulation treatment might actually harm the inflamed joints rather than help them. There is little physical proof that manipulation is actually a helpful psoriasis treatment, but massage can be very helpful in relieving the muscle pain and restoring joint health due to inflammation associated with psoriatic arthritis.

Studies have also shown that a healthy diet and lifestyle benefits everyone, especially those who suffer from psoriasis. There is no specific diet to follow, but there is evidence that proves that certain foods contribute to improving the skin condition. It is helpful for patients to eat only what makes them feel the most healthy. Dietary supplements encompass vitamins, herbal products, and minerals and usually benefit the entire body. However, there is no evidence that a particular supplement is a cure for psoriasis. In fact, there is a risk that certain dietary supplements, including multivitamins, may interfere with prescription medications and patients should discuss with their before starting any new supplements.

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