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How Much Do Paramedics Earn?

By Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Did you know that paramedics can offer advance life support care to individuals who need their help? These are commonly individuals who are injured, ill or in emergencies. The paramedics are the ones to render health care assessment, and conduct basic medical procedure prior to transport and transfer individuals to the nearest medical facilities. They are considered as one of the many career choices that offer a good salary.

Paramedic belongs to the field of medical professionals who work as members of the emergency medical team. Thus, the paramedic salary may depend on numerous factors. These are the following:

  • Average paramedic salary – Based on some statistical survey, the salary that a paramedic can get is within the average range of $40,000 per annum. For starters, paramedics can receive as low as 25,000 and for those who are veterans or excelling in the field of paramedics can receive $55,000 – $60,000. The salary of a paramedic, though, may differ according to the signed legal contract with their company.
  • Employer Type – One of the many paramedic salaries can be based at their employer perspective. Paramedics that are employed in the government line agencies or subsidiaries are earning approximately $35,000 to $58,000. On the other hand, paramedics that are hospital based can receive an amount of $25,000 to $40,000.
  • Another factor to consider about the paramedic salary is the years of experience. Factors that are checked before a company increases the wage salary may also be based on:
    1. The years of experience – Paramedics are deemed as veterans, if he or she has served 10 years in a company. Thus, the probability to increase their salary is possible.
    2. Compliance of their promptness – Those who exhibit swiftness and punctuality are generally rewarded with promotions and salary increases.
    3. Attitude towards work – Those who show aptitude and efficiency stand to get earlier promotions and increases.
    4. Total quality service they render – This refer to a combination of excellent qualities that they exhibit as paramedics.
paramedics have to be on site quickly
  • There are paramedics that have additional job titles that can be considered as grounds to increase their basic salary compared to normal paramedics that includes:
    1. Firefighter Paramedic – $52,000
    2. Paramedic Firefighter – $ 36,000
    3. ER Paramedic – $35,000
    4. Critical Care Paramedic – $34,000
    5. MH Paramedic – $43,000
    6. EMT Paramedic Instructor – $46,000
  • Flight paramedics are specialized paramedics who are highly trained medical individuals that render emergency medical treatment and procedure above the ground. Flight paramedics earn within the range of $37,000 to $60,000. However, these figures may vary with regards to employment location, specialized training and previous work experience.

Paramedic as a field of medicine offers work and career opportunities for those people who have previous training and background in the medical field. These include registered nurses, therapists, physicians, and other health care personnel. Paramedics are provided with a basic salary. Paramedics may have irregular working hours compared to other health care occupations. However, there are many medical field individuals who choose paramedics over other health professions because of the job description and the salary itself, which is good.

Bear in mind that before a paramedic gets a promotion and an increase in salary that a person must undergo basic to advanced education and training to become a certified paramedic. There are many schools and colleges that offer courses that offer this training and certification. Based on the different states, one is required to finish and pass all the prerequisites before becoming a paramedic.

So, if you are planning to find a suitable job with a good paycheck, consider this job and enjoy the paramedic salary. Take the training. Get certified and work your way up to become a full-pledge paramedic.

Paramedicine offers great career opportunities for people with previous medical training and experience.

proper first aid makes all the difference

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