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Though the technology and science have further developed, some questions about people themselves and other lives on the earth could not answer clearly. It is said that the scientists have found the answers to the most five bizarre questions in the world.

Wearing black pants or skirts can make the hips look smaller?

The human's eyes are more easily perceived bright colors, so all parts of the body which are covered by the deep color clothing will look smaller. But this effect can only be observed from behind; if observing in profile, the outline of hips will show to people.

Why are there so many thorns in pineapple?

Prickly pineapples seem to contradict with its significance as fruit. That is because people are too impatient. Pineapples actually are sold in stores have not fully mature. The animals in jungle will not enjoy them until the ripe pineapples fall to the ground. So they can be easily pulled off after a few days later when the ripe pineapples fall to the ground. The fruit of many plants have thorns, which are to protect themselves until fully mature.

Why the pulp of cleaved apple will not change colors after rubbing lemon juice?

As air could make enzymes of cells oxidation, the pulp cells are damaged when cleaved an apple with knife. Therefore, the chemical reaction could help heal the cells when pulp changes to dark brown, while citric acid can delay the process of color changing.

Why will people feel so painful when nettle pricks?

The skin will feel an unbearable pain after the nettle pricks, because in contact with human skin, the soft hairs on the nettle leaves will be damaged and secreted out a mixture which composited with three chemicals which could cause burning feeling. In order to eliminate this kind of pain, people usually knead the leaves of yellow dock on the wound that could secrete an alkaline material to neutralize the toxicity of nettles.

What animals eat wasps?

Bears, birds, ermines and rats. There are about 133 species of birds feed on wasps and bees. They will kill the wasps on the branches or trunks, and not suffer sting. Badger will break up the nest of wasps to eat them with completely regardless of the bee's pin. Dragonflies, frogs, Pyralidae and beetles also treat wasps as delicious food.


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