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Are There Any Planet Love Match Discounts?

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Planet Love Match is a new entrant to the busy world of online dating. Unlike most online dating sites they are not trying to be the biggest, at least not just yet. One of the most common questions that we see is 'Are there any Planet Love Match' discounts and the answer is both yes and no! Unlike most large dating sites users do not have to pay a subscription fee, no regular monthly bills to pay with PLM. Members choose how much t pay and when to pay, using what Planet Love Match calls a 'Pay and Play' model. I like this idea because if I am a little short of money I need not worry about keeping my membership active but I can still be in contact with my friends and contacts. However because when members join up they can do many things without payment there are no coupon codes such as offered by or eHarmony.

However, when you become a member of Planet Love Match there are discounts available in several ways. Firstly, when you verify your ID and buy your first package of credits you will immediately be given several hundred bonus credits worth much more than the basic package price.

The second Planet Love Match discount comes from what they call 'Easter Eggs'! As you explore the site and do new things from time to time you will get bonus credits the first time you do these things - a great way to learn about the Planet Love Match online dating site and at the same time save a lot of money on your next few months online dating activity.

dating is so much fun

The third kind of Planet Love Match discount could well be more than a discount and actually put money into your bank account! All verified identity profile members (VIP members) can get bonus credits for their own social activity and if your other friends join Planet Love Match then you will get bonus credits on their activity too. So, if you are socially active then your time on PLM could be free or even put money in your pocket when you exchange credits for cash.

Actually, I guess when I think about it the answer is not really 'yes and no' but rather YES there are Planet Love match Discounts!

Want to learn more about how Planet Love Match can help you find a partner from around the corner or from the other side of the world? Check out my Planet Love Match information site. Maybe I will see you on the inside!

All verified identity profile members (VIP members) can get bonus credits for their own social activity and bonus credits for their friends' activity too.

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