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In e-commerce communication, people usually encounter some curtailed words, such as B2B, B2C and C2C, etc. Maybe some people could not understand what these abbreviations mean. Therefore, we could find the questions like "What is B2B, B-to-B or BtoB?" "What is B2C, B-to-C or BtoC?" "What is C2C, C-to-C or CtoC?" in different search engines.

What is B2B?

B2B (B-to-B or BtoB) is short for Business - to - Business and describes commerce transactions between businesses. This also means exchange of products, service, or information between businesses rather than between businesses and consumers.
B2B includes two modes basically, one is the commerce communication between enterprises directly (such as the manufacturer's online procurement and online supple, etc.), and the other is through third e-commerce website platform for business activities, for example, the is one of B2B platform, and the different enterprises will publish or query information on it, then communicate or negotiate with potential customers. The vast majority of products and services sold are usually considered to be B2B.
What is B2C?
B2C (B-to-C or BtoC) is short for Business - to - Consumer, or the popular retailing part of e-commerce on the Internet. It can be interpreted as business sells products or provides services to consumers directly. Such as is the most famous B2C e-commerce site.

B2C is the enterprises who are via the Internet to provide consumers a new type of shopping environment - online shop. Consumers could shop from the Internet through the online shopping and payment, especially for busy office worker, this model can save valuable time for them.

What is C2C?

C2C (C-to-C or CtoC) is the abbreviation for Consumer - to - Consumer. It is the e-commerce communication between consumers but through some third platform. Take for example, the consumers could post their own items on this site for sale and wait for other consumers bid to purchase it. The third platform eBay just charges a flat fee or commission from these consumers.

C2C, this form is becoming more and more popular among common people, especially for those young students in universities, because lots of young people want to start their own business at their spare time from a low region. So C2C offers the opportunity to them.

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