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Beach Soccer Tournaments have always been largely popular around the world, especially in Brazil, on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, where many of the country’s countless great players cut their soccer teeth.

Since 1992 beach soccer has been popular in North America and throughout Europe, when the rules were formalized by Giancarlo Signorini of Connecticut. Soon after that a pro beach tour was established that featured a number of international stars.

In 2004, FIFA recognized the sport and a year later, the inaugural Beach Soccer World Cup was played in Brazil. Now, even Switzerland has a successful Pro Beach Soccer team, which is good for a country that has neither the weather nor the coastline needed for the sport.

The first North American Sand Soccer Championship took place in 1994, at Virginia Beach, VA.

Dribbling is very different on the sand than it is on grass. Essentially, on sand, it is more strenuous so players substitute on the fly for short shifts, much like in ice hockey.

Beach soccer is perfect for soccer teams that are looking to broaden the tournament experience of their players. It will provide a break from the usual competition of grass soccer, encouraging the teams to play a differently and develop new soccer skills. Additionally it is certainly good for fitness training.

Thus, a beach soccer tournament might just be the ideal outlet for teams that are looking or a fun change from the playing on a traditional grass field.

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