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Blogging Is Harmful To All Our Eyes

Have you ever noticed how blogging has become more popular now a days? Well of course you haven't because now its under a new name. This name happens to be non other then Facebook.

No one cares about every aspect of your tiny little life. No one at all. I know its blunt but nobody cares when you go to bed with your boyfriend. No one cars what movie your currently watching right now. No one even cares that you were just cut off by a makeup applying teenage driver. The sad fact is that no one cares what's going on in your puny pathetic excuse for an existence.

Another reason we should get ride of social networking is the opinion expressing. No one cares again that you think Ted Poe (our senator) is just a stand up guy. No one cares about your stances on the famous three. The three most possibly controversial subjects that someone can put up on Facebook. That would be abortion, gay marriage and the death penalty. These are all three intimate and private discussion that do not need to be discussed on the Facebook.

Tip: Purchase a domain name instead of using a site that is free. It isn't that expensive to do, and will give your blog a more professional appearance.

There are reasons why these topics are not discussed so brashly. When you insinuate that everyone who has had an abortion is a murderer. You are saying that a scared teenage girl after an attack should consider herself a murderer. When you bash this girl she knows that your talking about her and its wrong. We understand that you may have republican ideology but that this can be better expressed through a bumper sticker or a poster on the old front lawn.

Another horrible thing about social networking would of course be the cyber bulling. This will never be stopped by Facebook. Its to ramp-id and everywhere. What we need to do is educate our children to use blocking systems on these websites when they feel they are being abused. The creators of these sites gave us personal tools to defend ourselves from verbal abuse we just have to decide to use them.

A solutions for a lot of these problems would be simply to ignore people on Facebook that say obviously silly or ignorant things for attention. They feed on this attention and if you don't give it to them they will most certainly starve. They will find a new way to get people to look at them without making you gasp every time you open your Facebook feeds.

Tip: Do not let blogging completely take over your life. If you don't take a break, you run the risk of burning out.

These people may also have problems with being self righteous. That's why the may always post about there personal beliefs. They believe if they show off their morals people will think more highly of them. When in fact we are all just really annoyed by how con-sided you really are.

Well we won't be able to fix most of these problems on the web. But we still should build up our defenses when it comes to rude people on blogs and social media. It will help save us all from unnecessary agony.

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