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Blogging Myths You Need To Be Aware Of

There are many myths in life which can truly hold you back from your potential. When it comes to blogging, the situation is no different. The myths debunked below could be those which are keeping your blog at a mediocre status. Continue reading to learn more about the fact and fiction of the blogging world.

You absolutely must blog every single day or your site just won't be popular. There are many blogs which have multiple posts a day and are mildly popular, while others only post when they have something important to share and they're visited by millions of people daily. It is more important that the quality of your posts is high than the quantity is high. If you are posting just for the sake of posting, your readers will notice and will back off from visiting again. If you really feel you must post every single day, consider breaking your posts up into a series that runs over multiple days so people are enticed into returning for more.

Tip: Make sure your blog is updated often. To increase and maintain your traffic, you need to provide new content on a regular basis.

Every single post must have a graphic or video! If your post doesn't need a graphic, why bother? If you don't already have a video in mind to include, why include one at all? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a blog post doesn't have to be more than a few hundred anyway. Short posts which are rich in content can stand on their own two feet. Don't feel pressured into including viral photos or cat pictures just because you need something to put on your post.

Your posts need to be x words long. Really, there is no set limit as to how short or how long your posts have to be. The fact is that they must be full of interesting content your readers will enjoy. If you have a quick blurb to share, do it. If you have a long diatribe you want to post, do it. It's the passion behind the post that shines through, whether it be in a wordy or brief way, so focus on that. Some people just can't summarize what they are trying to say, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't read their blog. Don't waste your time whittling away at your posts, instead just post them!

Tip: Do not copy other people's articles. Never plagiarize, as it will rapidly ruin your reputation.

You have to consider search engine optimization all day, every day. If you feel you need to rank for a specific keyword, you can write a post that does just that. If you instead just want to let your readers know about something cool, do it. Search engines know great content when they see it, and when you write about a topic, they will know what keyword fits the topic best. Google actually knows better than SEO "masters" - who woulda thunk it?

Now that you know what isn't true, you can move forward with a solid knowledge of blogging. Unlike your competition, you will now focus on the facts instead of the fiction. This will ensure that your blog gains the popularity it deserves while the others languish and fail.

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