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Bridging The Generation Gap Through Life Coaching Children And Teens

A child’s life is not as simple as adults are inclined to believe. It can be confusing and scary regardless of how much parents try to give their child a secured life. As one grows older, hormonal changes and imbalances create psychological uncertainties that are oftentimes not discussed with parents. It is during these changing times that misunderstanding and arguments arise between parents and children that without properly addressing the issues can lead to worse domestic problems. It is for this reason that life coaching children and teens can be considered as the ideal solution for the widening generation gap.

What is a life coach?

As the title implies, a life coach is one who is engaged in life coaching. He is a guide who works with both adults and young kids. Life coaching children specifically involves helping them cope and maintain balance in their life. A teen coach helps teen-agers to develop and focus their vision towards the future and helps set goals and strategies to attain their aspiration. Irrespective of their clients, a life coach serves as ancillary ears and a sponge to absorb all sorts of woes and process them to help the client sort out the real problems and provide advices or recommendations to solve them. Usually, a life coach is often confronted with children’s and teens’ social fears due to their undeveloped social and communication skills at home. While parents may regard this as simple gap between generations brought about by differences of tastes, outlook or social influences, a life coach knows that the proper approach is to develop what are apparently lacking in the children’s personalities.

Keys to Successful Life Coaching

• Preparedness – In life coaching children and teens, it is important to gauge how much they are ready to undergo through the process. A child who has difficulties to cope with depressing family problems may be difficult as well to handle. Usually, this type refuses to open up to receive any help. On the hand, a client who knows his life coach is helping him can easily accept and willingly do what it takes to create a big turnabout in his life. He can use the life coaching sessions to its maximum advantage and regard the life coach as his lifeline to connect the bridge to his parents and have a better relationship with them.

• Honesty – Honesty is extremely vital to ensure the success of any coaching engagement. It has three levels coming from both the life coach and the client. Honesty must come from the part of the client to provide the essential information with sincerity and complete details that are necessary for processing. Because everything is considered confidential, the client must be given the assurance that all information is not to be revealed elsewhere without prior approval. Honesty is also required on the part of the coach to deliver truthful feedbacks and opinions balanced with thoughtful considerations so that the client can also have an accurate view of how he is perceived by other people. Another level of honesty is still coming from the coach who needs to have the willingness to make the sincere feedbacks to know where adjustments can be made. Without honesty, the coaching sessions are reduced to nothing but a heart to heart tete-a-tete that does not bring any change or positive results.

• Setting of Goals – A goal is needed to focus on something to attain. What does the client want to achieve at the end of the life coaching process? After identifying the problems and issues, a measurable goal must be waiting at the end of the bridge to make everything worthwhile. Otherwise, the whole activity becomes a waste of time for both client and the coach because there is no means to determine if something was attained.

Life coaching children and teens during the crucial period of their growing years can be a great way to empower them and build up their self-confidence to become the responsible and mature adults that parents want them to be. Instead of allowing the bridge between generations to further span wider, entrust the children into the hands of a certified life coach who can help the young minds weed through their perceived problems and re-arrange their life into something that can still accommodate their dreams into the real world.

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