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Budget Friendly Home Improvement Tips For Beginners

No matter where you live or how much money you earn, the odds are good that you will eventually want to make some type of improvements to your home. Of course, for the millions of people out there struggling to make ends meet to begin with, home improvements might seem like an impossibility. However, if you can follow a few great, budget-friendly tips, you can make some needed improvements on your home without breaking the bank.

Tip: To prevent a leaky roof make sure you do routine inspections for possible problems. You should do this after and major weather disturbances such as a strong storm, heavy rain or wind, hail storms, or heavy snow.

One of the best and least expensive ways to update your home is to apply some new paint. Now, you don't have to slap on a coat of semigloss white and call it a day here. With all the many types of faux finishes and different designs you could add, anyone can easily add a dramatic and attractive finish to their home for less than a hundred bucks.

Tip: Wallpapering is a quick and affordable update for any house. If you are considering hanging wallpaper in your bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen, opt for wet-look vinyl.

The biggest expense most people deal with when making home improvements is hiring a contractor. Even a contractor offering you a fair deal is going to cost you a lot of money. So if you can handle the project by yourself, you need to make sure that you do things on your own instead of hiring out. Plan the improvements around your schedule and handle things yourself.

Tip: Put your used paint brushes and rollers in plastic and in the fridge! If you are going to continue using the same paint in the near future there is no reason to wash out your brushes and rollers. Just seal them in a plastic bag and put them in the refrigerator.

When you walk into a store like the Home Depot and put your eyes on that stainless steel fridge, it's going to cost you an arm and a leg to purchase that puppy brand new in the box. However, if you can purchase the floor model, you can save around 50% on the item. The same holds true if you can find an item with a dinged corner or a slightly scratched surface.

Tip: If you are going to be changing plumbing, such as a sink or pipe, always give yourself extra time in case you need it. If you plan for extra time, you will have backup plans for if you are not able to use the plumbing for longer than expected.

If you were to refurbish items instead of purchasing them brand new, you could save a lot of money. For example, instead of purchasing new cabinets for thousands of dollars, go rent a belt sander, purchase some wood stain and some new hardware, and create "new" cabinets for well under a hundred dollars.

Tip: When you are painting your home be sure to use drop cloths or some other type of fabric to catch the paint. If there are paint drips all over floors then it will give buyers a reason to ask for a lower price or prompt them to choose another property.

Instead of shelling out the big bucks for new furniture and other big-ticket items, you should think about accessories that can create a new look and feel. Furniture covers, throw pillows, candles, and even little dog statues or other knick-knacks can give any room a brand new look.

Tip: Install large corner shelves in your bedroom just below the ceiling. These shelves can easily be constructed using just a sheet of plywood and a couple of pieces of molding.

If you want a really inexpensive and a really easy way to update your kitchen cabinets, then forget about the heavy-duty sanding and staining. Instead, tape up everything around the cabinets, get some spray primer and some spray paint, and do a quick repainting job on the existing material. Finish it off with some new hardware for a winning look.

Tip: Removing dated wallpaper is a home improvement that can completely transform the interior of your house. If you have money to spend, the best way to remove wallpaper would be to buy a commercial stream wallpaper stripper.

The inside of your home isn't all that matters when it comes to improvements. You should work on the outside of your home too. Plant a couple of bushes, and add some cheap stone to create a great landscaped look.

The best part about home improvement is that it doesn't have to be complicated, and it definitely doesn't have to be expensive. Follow the advice above, and create a new-look home for little money.

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