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While being the travel option that causes the most number of accidents, the car is still preferred to other means of transportation because it offers what people enjoy the most, comfort and accessibility at the palm of their hand. Automobile manufacturers are trying their best to update their products with more safety features to offer more protection in case of an accident. Unfortunately, no technology in the world can avoid car accidents entirely, but at least it is possible to offer better protection than in the past.

Chicago is facing a real car accidents problem, as like many other major cities in the United States. With almost 200 fatal car crashes in 2008 alone, the state of Illinois doesn’t look too good regarding safety on the road.

There are numerous factors that can cause problems in traffic that could lead to accidents. These include:

  • Driving under the influence;
  • Bad weather (rain, snow, strong winds);
  • Reckless driving;
  • Poor road conditions (poor or no lighting on the road, no road signs);
  • Automobile equipment failures or defects;
  • Driver distraction;
  • Driver fatigue;
  • Driving without obeying traffic rules.


In most cases, car accidents occur or get worse due to human error behind the steering wheel. Once you get in your car and start the engine, your main objective is to protect you, your passengers and the others on the road. You should not get distracted in any way by other things like music, radio, TV, internet, talking with passengers, talking on the phone or admiring the scenery. Chicago drivers often forget that they have responsibilities, which must be assumed in order to reach their destination in complete safety.

No one enjoys or wants to be involved in a car accident, especially if it wasn’t your fault and you got seriously injured. People injured in this type of situation can receive an important sum of money as compensation to cover all the damages suffered. The best and smartest way to get properly compensated is to seek legal assistance from a competent, experienced and determined Chicago car accidents attorney. He will send a group of investigators to the crash site and gather as much evidence as possible, evidence which will be used in court to prove that the accident was produced by the negligence or reckless driving of the other party. Most car accident cases end before going to court at a settlement table, but if an agreement cannot be reached, then your legal defender will have all the right tools needed to prove the jury that the injuries you suffered were produce by someone else’s negligent driving.

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