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Health plans are now widely considered indispensable for giving people peace of mind and greater financial security at all stages of life, as they know what will and won't be covered by their care plan in the event that they need to spend time in hospital, undergo treatments or receive medication.

Health care is vital for people of all ages and from all walks of life, and just because you are relatively young and may feel you are in a good state of health, it's always advisable to prepare for the unexpected. If you do become ill or injured and you aren't covered against this eventuality, you could potentially face expensive bills when you need treatment. If you have a spouse and children, you can also find health plans that extend to cover their check-ups and treatments too, which can make investigating health plans a responsible action.

Your employer may offer health plans as part of an employee benefits package, or you may choose to apply independently. It can be a good idea to compare different types of health plans from several providers before making your decision. There are various aspects of health plans that should ideally be compared when evaluating your options, especially if you have a particular medical condition that may be comprehensively covered by some plans but not by others.

You should always make sure health plans are accredited by the industry to ensure a suitably high level of quality, and for practical reasons it can also be useful to check whether the provider operates hospitals and other centres in your local area, so you won't need to travel. You will also need to think about your budget, of course, but should consider the value for money that one

particular health plan has over its competitors in the areas that matter to you, rather than just looking for the plan with the lowest premiums that may not be as well suited to your situation and lifestyle.

If you can obtain inspection reports or read testimonials from past and present patients, this could also help to inform your decision over which provider to choose, and you may also wish to seek impartial advice from industry professionals or insurance agents, especially if you've never had a health plan before. Visiting a health provider's hospitals in your area may also be a wise move, as you may wish to inspect the standard of facilities or staff members for yourself, rather than relying solely on the opinions of others.

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