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Treatment options have evolved tremendously over human’s existence. From the early plant extracts to the latest state of the art medical devices, we can say that the evolution is astonishing. We might even fool ourselves into thinking we can heal everything. Unfortunately, this is nowhere near the truth. Not only can’t we cure everything, but we also make mistakes with treatment options available for a long time and are not in their early stages of development. Drugs for example can take away problems, have completely zero effects on the patient or even affect negatively his health condition.

Patients suffering from high levels of cholesterol have been looking for a treatment option for this problem for a long time. They thought they have found it after two cholesterol reducing drugs have been banned from the market due to their links with severe heart problems and the introduction of Crestor. A cholesterol reducing drug has the role of reducing levels of unhealthy cholesterol and raising those of good cholesterol, which also minimizes the risks of the patient regarding heart problems such as strokes or heart attacks. Sadly, numerous medical studies have linked this product too with health problems. The drug can affect the heart muscle making it weak and cause the distribution of blood in the body to be affected.

The side effects of Crestor range from mild headaches and stomach pain to more serious kidney, liver and even fatal heart problems. If you experienced any health problems after taking this cholesterol reducing medication, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. You will be prescribed an alternative solution to lower your cholesterol levels and a treatment option for the negative effects of the drug.

AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical giant, has failed to cease the distribution of their product even after many medical studies have agreed that the drug is dangerous and can even lead to the patient’s death. The drug company is the one to blame for the numerous reports the Food and Drug Administration have received regarding Crestor. Patients that suffered injuries after taking this drug may be eligible to receive a considerable amount of compensation to cover all medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering involved. Filing a drug injury lawsuit against the company that made the drug will allow you to get compensated. You will need the help of a competent and experienced lawyer to guide you through the whole legal process and make sure you make all the right decisions and know everything there is to be known. Compensation is and always has been really important after suffering from situations like these, however it will not ensure you get your life back to its initial state. What it can do is help the patient have an easier time recovering and forgetting the accident.

Filing a Crestor heart attack lawsuit after suffering injuries from the administration of this drug is mandatory for you and your family. Time is always limited when dealing with serious health conditions so you will need to seek proper medical and legal assistance as soon as possible.

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