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Different Types Of Backhoe Loaders

Caterpillar Caterpillar hit a dial of power and performance with its top of the line 446 backhoe loader when it first introduced the D
series version of the machine. The 102 HP machine also features a new operator station and offers optional joystick controls. The
dig forces on the bucket have increased 10% on the backhoe.

Bobcat Bobcat gave its compact backhoe loaders a power boost when the company introduced the second generation B series to the lineup.
The 31.5 HP B100 received a 45% increase in backhoe bucket breakout force and a 27% jump in the breakout force of the dipper.

The 46 HP B300 received a 44% increase in dipper breakout force and a 21% boost in the breakout force of the bucket. The three model
line also includes the B250, which is a 31.5 HP sideshift unit. Similar to the larger B300, the B250 also features all wheel steering
and four wheel drive.

New Holland Each one of the four models of backhoe loaders in the New Holland lineup use the new 4.5 liter turbocharged Tier 2 engine.
This new engine and a number of other upgrades were the basis for the B series machines, which offer low effort pilot controls which
will give you a choice between excavator or loader style patterns.

Case Case added quite a bit to its M series backhoe loaders, by switching to family 3 engines to meet Tier 2 emission standards. The
new machines of the M series have quieter, larger displacement engines for better lugging capacity. They also have increased torque
rise for faster cycles of loader and backhoe operations.

With 500 hour intervals of oil changes and easy to access transmission mounted hydraulic pumps, the M series is surely a force to be
reckoned with in the world of backhoes.

Ingersoll-Rand The newest compact backhoe loader from this company can reach digging depths of up to 12 feet with its backhoe.
Working as a loader, the BL-580 has an operating capacity of 3,406 pounds with a breakout force of 9,370 pounds.

Both the loader and backhoe are equipped with standard auxiliary hydraulics with a two way flow to accommodate a variety of
attachments, which includes booms, breakers, augers, and even compactors. Other nifty features include hydrostatic four wheel drive
for power and traction, and all wheel steering for a tight radius.

Komatsu Komatsu announced that the optional excavator style joystick controls would be offered on its five model lineup of backhoes.
The lineup has also been upgraded with increased hydraulic speed, stronger components, and Tier 2 engines. The entire Komatsu line
consists of the 87 HP WB140 series, and teh 94 HP WB150 series.

The standard model found with each series features a four speed mechanical transmission complete with a torque converter. The fifth
model from Komatsu is the WB150, with offers an all star wheel design with a powershift transmission and anti theft prevention system.

John Deere The 410H is the hallmark of John Deere, offering 92 HP. The 410H also offers the total machine control system, which
integrates control for the engine, transmission, hydraulics, and brakes so that the system can respond in an efficient way to the many
different job demands.

Terex Since acquiring the Fermec line, Terex has marketed a full and impressive line of backhoes. The models include the 92 HP TX760B
and the 100 HP TX860B. At 100 HP as well are the 860SX, 860 Elite, and the 970 Elite. Both the 760 and 860 models feature four speed
shuttle gearboxes and travel speeds of up to 25.8 miles per hour.

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