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How to express feeling of divorce in front of loved ones?

Informing your spouse regarding the divorce is a daunting task and more difficult is to bring this in the notice of the family and friends. But you need to select the proper time for declaring the news of divorce. You should not declare such news on the time like dinner party and similar events. You need to take some close people out for dinner and then talk to them regarding the divorce. You should ask them whether your decision regarding the divorce is correct or not. It is sure that your family will understand you and if you find any person will not listen then you need to communicate this to them through grapevine. You need to maintain your calm while speaking to them because this news can be shocking if they do not know about the ongoing problems in your marriage life.

Means of communication like phone, answering machine and letters must be avoided to communicate such news. If at a particular point you think you cannot talk about the divorce to someone then you must avoid talking to them and must wait for appropriate time to gain confidence and inform them. Once this news spread out to family members you are sure to get questions fired on you. But not to get frightened, you have complete right to choose the question and decide whether you like to answer it or want to reject it. There is no need of providing justification to anyone regarding your divorce decision because it is your feelings. You will also feel to stay away from people for some time because there are numerous people who will feel sorry for your divorce or comment on your situation. At such times it is better to pull yourself away from such events.  

Once the people start understanding your situation you will feel better and gain more strength to face the public. Children are the most sensitive part of the divorce process because they are the ones to be highly impacted by it. Husband and wife must be available at the same time and must tell the children about their decision to separate. It must also be noted that children must understand you are always there with them at any point in life. Divorce is hard to digest but you must be open to friends and family because they love you and are always there to support you.

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