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As an important digestive organ, our stomach is very easy to get sick, it must take care. But in fact, the health of stomach has been seriously neglected. It is not only many young people are inadvertently for the stomach, but numbers of elderly patients tend to eat medicines when they feel stomach pain. So, what are the bad habits in daily life will injury stomach?

First, unpunctual

Irregular eating seems to be the habit of many office workers, while that will erode the health of stomach without intention. Recent survey shows that the incidences of functional dyspepsia, gastritis, gastric ulcer are increasing gradually among white-collar people. Stomach is a strict timetable organ, and the secretion of gastric juice has physiological peak and valley a day so that to digest food. If there is no food to mix with gastric acid and pepsin, they will digest their gastric mucosa and injury gastric mucosal. 

Second, glut oneself with food at dinner

People forget to eat at breakfast, and have simple lunch, then more foods for dinner. Your health digestive system will be destructed sooner or later. The scientist suggests that the breakfast should take part of 30 percent, 40 percent for lunch, and 30 percent for dinner.

Third, eating unclean foods

A variety of pathogenic bacteria grows quickly in summer and foods are easy to rot. If people eat dirty or stale foods, they will be easy to cause acute gastritis, stomach pain, gastrectasia or vomit.

Fourth, gorging food into the stomach

If chewing is not fine and voracious eating, the coarse food will directly damage gastric mucosa and increase the burden on the stomach and extend the time of food in the stomach, resulting in stomach muscle fatigue and decrease gastric motility.

Fifth, exposure to cold weather

Stomach is a very sensitive to temperature, and it will prone to spasmodic contraction when stimulated by cold air, causing stomach pain, indigestion, vomit, diarrhea and other symptoms. Most people will pay attention to warm in cool autumn or cold winter, while don't know that excessive eating cold drink, cold fruit or live in air-conditioned environment could also catch cold stomach and affecting the gastrointestinal function.

Sixth, fatigue

Whether engaged in physical or mental work, long-term and overload work can lead to fatigue. This will not only decrease the body's resistance, but weaken the defense function of gastric mucosal and lead to insufficient blood supply to the stomach, so that destroy secretion function.

There are still many other aspects could influence the health of stomach, such as mental stress, excessive drinking and smoking, etc. Hence, in order to give a health stomach environment, we should pay attention from these details.


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